WebSpellChecker Server Release Notes

This is a hot fix release for the issue discovered in WProofreader when working with right to left languages.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2850, WP-2855]: WProofreader: Incorrect underlining of spelling and grammar problems when a rich text editor or HTML editable control for right to left languages (such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

WebSpellChecker Server 5.4.3 Release Notes


WProofreader v1.9

A new virtual mechanism has been introduced for processing and underlying spelling and grammar errors in the wide range of the editable fields (HTML editable elements, and classic rich text editors such as CKEditor 4, Froala Editor, TinyMCE, etc.). With such an approach WProofreader creates a separate virtual layer behind the original element, and doesn’t affect the original content.

Previously, it added extra span elements with styles to wrap incorrect words and phrases. In certain cases those extra elements were saved to a database which resulted in the text pollution with unwanted text unless those elements are cleaned with the additional function. The new mechanism eliminates those issues.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2859]: WProofreader: Extra spans elements added to the source mode of editors vs saved to a database.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.4.2 Release Notes


WProofreader v1.8

  • The new blocked-based mechanism of processing and underlining spelling and grammar problems is introduced for editors that are based on a custom model such as CKEditor 5, Quill, ProseMirror, etc.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2796]: WProofreader: The replaced word changes formatting if other formatted word is currently focused.
  • [WP-2802]: WProofreader: Underline is not removed for a spelling/grammar problem before a separator symbol.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.4.1 Release Notes


WProofreader v1.7

  • The core and architecture of WProofreader are improved.

Licensing Mechanism

  • Added the license expiration warnings in Logs 30 days, 2 weeks, 7 days and 1 day before the license expiration.
  • Added a step to the installer wizard that asks if the existing license should be deactivated during the upgrade or uninstallation of the application. The valid license after the deactivation can be reused again.

Bug Fixes

AppServer & Licensing Mechanism

  • [WP-2800]: License Mechanism: The automated license activation on Windows Server 2016 causes a restart of the system.
  • [WP-2777]: License Mechanism: The license deactivation status is not recorded in Logs.
  • [WP-2801]: If the deactivate license window is closed without finishing the process, the license will be broken.
  • [WP-2799]: AppServer: Unclear error in browser console when the Grammar engine is unavailable: “Request processing error, code: <…>”.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.4.0 Release Notes


WProofreader v.1.6

  • Title of the dialog “WebSpellChecker Proofreader” is renamed to “WProofreader”.
  • Text color of spelling and grammar errors in the corrections section of the Dialog mode is changed to more contrast for accessibility purposes.
  • New API method instance.openDialog() is added for opening ‘dialog mode’ of WProofreader on action. This method will come in handy if you prefer to use only proofread in a dialog mode and call WProofreader on a custom action.
  • New API options are added:
    • disableDictionariesPreferences – If true, this parameter hides certain features of the personal user dictionaries for end users. End users won’t be able to create, rename, remove or disconnect a dictionary.
    • proofreadAsYouType – If false, this parameter disables the proofread as you type mode of WProofreader. Only proofread in a dialog mode will be available.
    • removeBranding – If true, this parameter removes branding of WProofreader. The branding includes: title of the product, about tab with the logo and copyrights. This option is available only in Cloud Custom and Server plans.
    • disableBadgePulsing – If true, this parameter disables pulsing effect of the orange badge button of WProofreader.
  • Added access to a WProofreader instance. Now you can get access to an instance of WProofreader.
	autoSearch: true,
	enableGrammar: true,
	onLoad: function(instance) {
		var element = instance.getContainerNode();
		element.instance = instance;

Language Dictionaries

  • Swedish language dictionary has been extended with over 300K new words.

SCAYT/WSC Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • SCAYT/WSC plugins for CKEditor 4 are compatible with a new version of CKEditor 4.11.3.

New License Mechanism in AppServer

  • In general the Licensing flow of a self-hosted version of WebSpellChecker on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems is simplified. With the Internet connection, the license can be activated in two steps.
  • The license activation process can be automated, and used in a silent installation mode.
  • Even though a license is still hardware-based, the license can be easily reactivated and migrated to another machine.
  • Warnings, errors and statuses about the license are more clear and self-explanatory in Logs.

Visit the updated license activation guides for more details.

Bug Fixes

WProofreader v1.6

  • [WP-2513] WProofreader for Froala Editor: Image caption is broken after Paste action with misspelled text
  • [WP-2674] WProofreader: Issue with CSS styles inside of all.css for the pulse effect. CSS styles of pulse effect is not protected.
  • [WP-2675] WProofreader: enableBadgeButton doesn’t work with the autoSearch mode
  • [WP-2706] WProofreader: Shifted markup in element in any browser on Windows OS

SCAYT/WSC Dialog Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-2497] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor & SharedSpace Plugin: Absent languages in the Languages tab
  • [WP-2348] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: End of support of multi-language plugin of CKEditor by SCAYT
  • GitHub #166: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: Use CKEDITOR.getUrl when referencing style sheets
  • GitHub #55: WSC plugin for CKEditor 4: Use CKEDITOR.getUrl when referencing style sheets
  • GitHub #56: SCAYT/WSC plugin for CKEditor 4: Bug found in wsc.js when inside chrome extension


  • [WP-2684] WSC Installer on Windows: Installer doesn’t modify applicationHost.config if IIS version less than 7.5
  • [WP-2673] AppServer: JMV auto-detection doesn’t work properly with OpenJDK
  • [WP-2688] AppServerX.xml: Incorrect default value for IgnoreAllCapsWord

WebSpellChecker Server 5.3.2 Release Notes


WProofreader v1.5

  • Change wavy red and green lines that underlines spelling and grammar errors accordingly to straight ones.

SCAYT Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 is compatible with a new version of CKEditor 4.11.2.

Language Dictionaries

  • German language dictionary has been extended with over 600K new words.
  • Grammar support is added for Australian and New Zealand English, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Austrian languages.


  • Security enhancements based on the results of MSVS static code analysis.
  • 3rd party grammar engine LanguageTool has been updated to 4.4.1.
  • Updated branding with a new own logo.
  • Added Status “cmd=status” command to check status of Spell Check, Grammar Check and Thesaurus Engines.
    "Spell Check Engine": {
        "active": true
    "Grammar Check Engine": {
        "active": true
    "Thesaurus Engine": {
        "active": true

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2405] WProofreader: The suggestion box has wrong position in <iframe> on touch devices with zoom
  • [WP-2423] WProofreader: Elements are incorrectly positioned if one from the parents of main container is scrollable
  • [WP-2424] WProofreader: Empty space is underlined before a word with <a> link
  • [WP-2440] WProofreader: Grammar problems separated by a new line are processed incorrectly in <textarea> elements
  • [WP-2528] WProofreader: WordPress styles is broken when editing media
  • [WP-2441] wscbundle.js: Quotes with code #8217 shouldn’t be considered as separators & [WP-2541] SCAYT doesn’t ignore ‘Right single quotation mark U+2019’.
  • [WP-2571] WProofreader: Incorrect position of badge button if the body has relative position and padding
  • [WP-2633] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: Wrong formatting of a error message when service ID is invalid

WebSpellChecker Server 5.3.1 Release Notes


1. WebSpellChecker Proofreader v1.4

  • Support of as you type mode for editors based on a custom data model. WProofreader fully supports ‘as you type’ mode in a wide range of WYSIWYG editors with a custom data model and virtual DOM such as CKEditor5QuillTrixProseMirrorScribe.
  • Accessibility compliance updates. The green color that was used for check-boxes and radio-buttons in the Options and Languages settings tabs has been replaced with the contrast one. This is required to by WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 accessibility standards.

2. AppServer

  • Enabled compound words checking in Dutch. Enabled <SplitWords> option that allows receiving correct suggestions (as a compound word, or two words separately) to words specific for the Dutch language.
  • Added support of SSL certificates with passwords.SSL certificates are used to setup a secure HTTP connection between the client’s application and WebSpellChecker AppServer. Since some of the SSL certificates are protected with passwords, a new parameter has been added to the AppServerX.xml file.

Please visit Configuring WebSpellChecker Server Parameters to find all available parameters in AppServerX.xml. In Setup SSL Connection with AppServer 5.0, you will find the guidance how to secure your requests.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2556] AppServer: The Slovenian (sl_SL) language doesn’t work
  • [WP-2538] AppServer: MSVCR120.dll library is missing during installation on Windows Server.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.3.0 Release Notes


1. WebSpellChecker Proofreader v1.3

1.1. Added new options for WProofreader management. Two new API options enableAutoSearchIn and disableAutoSearchIn are added to give more control over the autoSearch functionality.

  • enableAutoSearchIn parameter allows enabling the autoSearch mechanism only for elements with provided class, id, data attribute name or HTML element type.
        enableAutoSearchIn: ['.class', '#id', '[data-attribute]', 'textarea'],
  • disableAutoSearchIn parameter allows disabling the autoSearch mechanism by class, id, data attribute name, and HTML elements.
        disableAutoSearchIn: ['.class', '#id', '[data-attribute]', 'textarea'],

1.2. API documentation updates. API documentation is updated with the descriptions of the following parameters: autoSearch, enableAutoSearchIn, disableAutoSearchIn.

enableAutoSearchInInputs option is no longer supported as it was replaced by enableAutoSearchIn.

2. AppServer

1. Added better descriptions of errors for the cases of incorrect use of the cmd parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-1810] AppServer: The following parameters doesn’t work: ‘IgnoreAllCapsWord’, ‘IgnoreDomainNames’, ‘IgnoreHtmlMarkups’, ‘IgnoreMixedCase’, ‘IgnoreMixedDigits’, ‘IgnoreNonAlphaWord’.
  • [WP-2380] WProofreader: Focused state is missing when using keyboard navigation between Options, Languages, Dictionary, About tabs.
  • [WP-2421] WProofreader: Incorrect area-label name for the opened state of the WProofreader Dialog icon.
  • [WP-2442] WProofreader: Incompatibility of WProofreader with Froala Editor. Incorrect behavior of getFocusableElements in component.js in place with querySelectorAll and passed array (convert array to string).
  • [WP-2420] Personal User Dictionary: After removing a dictionary, the words are not underlined and considered as incorrect.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.2.2 Release Notes


1. WebSpellChecker Proofreader v1.2

1.1. Compliance with International Web Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1) & Keyboard Navigation

With this update in WebSpellChecker Proofreader 1.2, we have introduced a bunch of updates to meet the requirements of the international web accessibility standards from W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Specifically, we relied on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), including WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.

Visit WSC Proofreader Keyboard Navigation to learn more about the keyboard navigation in WSC Proofreader.

1.2. Additional Notifications and Progress Indicators
  • Spinner. Spinner on the dialog panel that is aimed indicating the progress of proofreading. Once the proofreading process is completed, the spinner will disappear.
  • Save changes. We added an extra notification, warning you from leaving the dialog with changes unsaved (without clicking ‘Finish Checking’). This is made to prevent accidental loss of your proofreading results.

2. Grammar engine is updated for 8 languages

WebSpellChecker Server 5.2.2 supports LanguageTool 4.3. We have upgraded the version of the new 3rd party grammar engine, LanguageTool, that was integrated into WebSpellChecker as a part of our major release 5.0.0.

As a part of this upgrade new and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Catalan, Dutch, American and British English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2384] WSC Proofreader: elements of Proofreader are saved to DB of WordPress&Other systems and after saving are displayed on front-end.

Deprecation Notes

With the release 5.2.2 we stopped support of old plugins and list of the integrations that were based on the older products.

SCAYT plugin for TinyMCE 4
WSC Dialog plugin for TinyMCE 4
WSC Dialog for HTML Editable Controls

However, instead we are offering much better and flexible integration with WProofreader. It can be easily integrated with almost any WYSIWYG editor, including classic HTML editable elements.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.2.1 Release Notes


1. WebSpellChecker Proofreader v1.1

1.1. ‘Maximize/Restore’ button in a dialog mode. 

1.2. Improved notifications on the UI when working with user dictionary to bring clarity to your users. Check our video to learn more about notifications and how to use personal user dictionary with WebSpellChecker Proofreader.

Grammar checking for 4 more languages is On

The grammar checking for UkrainianRussianCatalan, and Swiss German languages is now available in both Server and Cloud versions.

WebSpellChecker Server 5.2.0 Release Notes


1. New UI of WebSpellChecker Proofreader

While providing you with the proofreading tools and services, we gradually implemented your suggestions on making the spell- and grammar checking more convenient. Still, there’s a limit of brushing up the old products. To make the tangible change, we decided to create a whole new solution, based on your and other customers’ ideas on how proofreading should be done in the modern Web. Today we are happy to introduce you the all-new Proofreader. We hope it will become just what your users and your development team lacked for their spell- and grammar checking needs.

The Change: All Proofreading Modes in One Place

From now on you don’t have to sacrifice one usage scenario in favor of the other. The Proofreader comprises the proofreading modes, which were previously available only in separate products. Now your app’s users can decide how they want their text proofread: be it correcting mistakes as they type, or hasteless proofreading of all the text at once in a separate dialog.

Installed Instantly

On the technical side the Proofreader is all about minimizing the manual integration work:

  • A single script for all fields. Whichever types of editable fields you have in your app, there’s just a single Proofreader script, to enable spell- and grammar checking in all of them at once. Even in CKEditor5, which is currently lacking of the built-in way to proofread.

Here is a list of rich text editors and editors based on custom model where we have a chance to test our Proofreader: CKEditor 4.0+, CKEditor 5, Froala Editor, TinyMCE 4.0+, Kendo UI, Textbox.ioSummernote, Nicedit, Redactor, Quill, Trix, ProseMirror, Draft.js, Scribe.

There is wide list of other editors available, we haven’t test it everywhere. If you have an editor that is outside this list, it doesn’t mean that Proofreader won’t work there. We encourage you to try first and see if it works. In case you experience any troubles with the integration, reach us, and we will try to help.

  • Self-sustaining proofreading. Whenever you need to add new editable fields in your app, the Auto-search functionality of the new Proofreader will detect them and enable the proofreading automatically.

Please visit Get Started with Server WSC Proofreader (autoSearch) and Get Started with Cloud WebSpellChecker Proofreader (autoSearch) for guidance accordingly.

Looks Fresh, Feels Smooth

Somehow it feels better to work with good-looking tools. Just remember how jotting the first words in a new crispy notebook feels. When designing the new Proofreader we wanted to make checking spelling and grammar clean and comfortable, thus making it play for your app’s overall interaction experience. Here are the core UI changes:

  • The suggestion box is simplified. We’ve hidden rarely-used toggles and switches leaving only the primary task of choosing the correct words in the plain site.
  • Hover for suggestions. No clicking necessary. Spelling and grammar suggestions for marked words appear on mouseover. A subtle tactile change, making proofreading feel even more effortless.
  • Tuning up became easier. All the necessary settings are now always at hand under the neat badge in the bottom right corner. 

Simple, but Not Plain

As easy as it looks the Proofreader is powered by the mighty WebSpellChecker proofreading engine, providing spell checking in 16 default and 152 additional languages, and grammar checking in 14 out of 16 default languages in all modern browsers.

2. New API Options for ‘autoSeach’

We added two new API options that give more control over the autoSearch functionality of WebSpellChecker Proofreader. By default, Proofreader with the enabled ‘autoSearch’ option will be enabled in all supported editable fields on the page. However, we understand that this might be inconvenient, as there might not be a need to check some types of editable fields. Now you can choose where you want disable Proofreader.


You can disable Proofreader in any type of editable field by class, id, data attribute and elements.

disableAutoSearchIn: ['.class', '#id', '[data-attribute]', 'textarea'],


We decided to disable Proofreader auto-enabling in the HTML <input> element by default. However, you may change this behavior and allow Proofreader checking in <input>.

enableAutoSearchInInputs: true,

3. New Terms in Medical Dictionary

We enlarged both American and British Medical dictionaries with 550 new terms. Visit a demo page with Medical dictionary to evaluate its quality.

4. Trusted and Secure Installation Packages of WebSpellChecker Server

With WebSpellChecker Server 5.2.0, we improved the security of our installation packages for Windows servers. Now our builds are more secure as signed using a code signing certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority. It gives an additional warranty for our customers that our software can be trusted, and it doesn’t come from a malicious hacker.