Release notes

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WebSpellChecker Server/Cloud 5.5.6 Release Notes


WProofreader v2.3.3915

  • Added UI localization for the Simplified Chinese and Japanese languages.
  • Minor improvements accessibility based on the accessibility validation tools (reports).
  • The height of the section with the list of words on the Dictionaries tab is increased to 360 pixels to improve usability.

Languages Updates

1. Extended dictionaries of the Norwegian dialects:

  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (nn_NO)

Check the quality of spell checking for Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk at the Additional languages page.

2. New additional languages for the Asian group. This release enables the long-awaited grammar checking for two new languages from the Asian group:

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) 
  • Japanese (ja_JP)

Check the quality of grammar checking for Simplified Chinese and Japanese at our Additional languages demo page.

3. Enabled a new grammar rule for all English dialects that catches repeated whitespaces in writing. The rule description is “Whitespace repetition (bad formatting)”.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3149] WProofreader: Highlighting of a selected language is cropped in Languages tab when using keyboard navigation
  • [WP-3153] WProofreader: Redundant ‘aria-level’ and ‘aria-expanded’ tags with empty value present in button snippets
  • [WP-3155] WProofreader: Some elements have insufficient color contrast 
  • [WP-3157] WProofreader: Invalid ARIA attribute values for ‘aria-labelledby’ tag in checkboxes, radio buttons and inputs
  • [WP-3158] WProofreader: Invalid ARIA roles used
  • [WP-3180] WProofreader: Badge disappears in iframe
  • [WP-3168] WProofreader: Actions in the badge are shifted in the expanded/active state
  • [WP-3163] WProofreader: Insufficient styles protection of elements

SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-3172] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: Unsupported locale parameter ‘ru’ when browser localization is set to Russian

WebSpellChecker Server/Cloud 5.5.5 Release Notes


WProofreader v2.3

1. This version brings major user interface updates for WProofreader based on the user feedback that we collected:

  • Both WProofreader dialog and the badge have more contrast colors for all elements, including the icons and the color of the text being checked.
  • When using keyboard navigation to move around WProofreader dialog, badge, and Settings dialog, you can benefit from the addition highlighting of the elements currently in focus.
  • We have extended and simplified each view of the Settings sections, including Languages, Options, and Dictionaries.
  • Pop-up notifications on the changes made in the Settings sections now appear at the bottom of the dialog to avoid overlapping of the top section of WProofreader dialog.
  • Improved experience and working with dictionaries allowing even easier to disconnect the dictionaries which may be no longer required and connect them any time later. 
  • When proofreading in a dialog mode now, users see only one discovered problem and suggestions to it at a time allowing easier navigation and better user experience in text proofreading.

For details, refer to the updated version of WProofreader User guide for the Server and Cloud.

2. Improvements in accessibility and navigation. We have revised and updated the already existing navigation when using a keyboard only:

  • The keyboard combinations are now simplified.
  • We have introduced Space as one more key to confirm your actions or changes made in addition to the Enter key which could be used before.
  • User interface response is now better as the highlighting of the selected element is more precise and contrasting with the rest of the UI.
  • You can navigate between the discovered problems and their suggestions using either left and right arrow keys when proofreading in WProofreader dialog.

For details, refer to the updated version of WProofreader keyboard navigation guide for the Server and Cloud versions.

User Guides

We have updated our previous versions of WProofreader user guide and keyboard navigation with a new version to describe the most recent interface changes and keyboard accessibility improvements.


  • POCO C++ library has been- updated to v1.10.0.

Supported Deployments

The Server version of WebSpellChecker/WProofreader is available as a Docker image on Docker Hub. You may find more information on that in a new guide Installing WebSpellChecker Server using Docker and in our GitHub repo.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3124] WProofreader: Virtual markup with underlined problems shifts if to open an editor in a full screen
  • [WP-3127] WProofreader: Memory leaks in Internet Explorer 11 and MS Edge
  • [WP-3135] WProofreader: The grammar problem description tooltip is not capitalized
  • [WP-3129] WProofreader: Incorrect color of the number of errors in the badge when integrated into TinyMCE 4 (black instead of white)
  • [WP-3145] WProofreader: Bootstrap label type overwrites dialog settings and languages list labels style
  • [WP-3146] WProofreader: Foundation CSS styles breaks checkboxes alignment on the Options tab


  • [WP-3138]: AppServer: Сonstant AppServerX.xml warning message due to the default CacheSavePath ‘none’ value
  • [WP-3120]: AppServer: Some SSL certificates failed to load from Windows Certificate Store to enable SSL connection with AppServer

WebSpellChecker Cloud Release Notes


WProofreader v2.2.3825

  • Improved keyboard navigation. Now along Enter key press, the action can be confirmed using Space.
  • Updated UI localization for the German language.

Grammar Engine

The 3rd party grammar engine, LanguageTool, has been upgraded to v4.7. As a part of this upgrade new and improved grammar rules for the next languages have been added: Catalan, Dutch, American and British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3029]: WProofreader: Native browser spellchecker is not disabled in CKEditor 5 when WProofreader is enabled which results in double underlines
  • GitHub #19: WProofreader requires unsafe-inline and unsafe-eval to work (CSP)

SCAYT Plugin for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-3050]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: Duplicated problems are not underlined properly
  • [WP-3070]:  SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: SCAYT doesn’t check text as you go, e.g. after pressing Space or Enter
  • GiHub #58: Content injection happening when viewing source (#58)

AppServer / Web API

  • [WP-3092]: AppServer: AppServer returns ‘Reason Phrase’ OK to all responses even if it is an ERROR
  • [WP-3094]: AppServer: AppServer returns 500 code instead of 400 when an incorrect value of lang parameter is specified

WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server Release Notes

This is a hot fix release for both Cloud and Server versions to solve the issue with incorrect work of the user dictionary functionality.

  • [WP-3113]: User dictionaries: Word added using user dictionary functionality is remarked as a misspelled one after page refresh

Also, there is a minor change in the tag names that are used for checking status and version of the WebSpellChecker Server package.

Updated response for command status (status): http(s)://your_host_name:port/?cmd=status

    "SpellCheckEngine": {
        "active": true
    "GrammarCheckEngine": {
        "active": true
    "ThesaurusEngine": {
        "active": true

Updated response for command version (ver): http(s)://your_host_name:port/?cmd=ver

    "Copyright": "(c) 2000-2019 WebSpellChecker LLC",
    "ProductWebsite": "",
    "ProgramVersion": " x64 master:4fb43001 (1893) #41",
    "PackageVersion": " master:58e1bc7 (639) #47"

WebSpellChecker Cloud Release Notes

This is a hot fix release for the issue that our Cloud clients encountered when using the global custom dictionary functionality.

  • [WP-3098]: Global custom dictionaries: All the available dictionaries are enabled for subscription regardless the language selected.

WebSpellChecker Cloud 5.5.4 Release Notes


WProofreader v2.2.3806

The following options have been added:

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
autoDestroybooleanfalseThe parameter turns on/off the auto-destroy functionality of a WEBSPELLCHECKER instance. By default, it is enabled for WProofreader initialized using ‘autoSearch’. It can be used to avoid monitoring the state of the instance and handling its destroy after removal of an editable container from the page.
ecVersionnumber2The parameter sets version of the application for HTML editable controls. The default value is ‘2’. Value ‘1’ stands for enabling the old version of the application which is kept for backward compatibility and exception case (like old versions of IE browser).
requestTokensCountnumber10The parameter sets number of tokens (sentences) per request.

The following options have been removed and no longer available:

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
enableOnTouchDevicesbooleanfalseThe parameter enables WEBSPELLCHECKER support on the touch devices.
Note:  Now enabled by default and doesn’t require an extra options.
disableCachebooleanfalseThe parameter disables cache for storing the most popular correct and misspelled words with their suggestions. It is aimed at speeding up the proofreading process.
cacheSizenumber4000The parameter sets the max cache size that will be used for storing the most popular correct and misspelled words with their suggestions. It is aimed at speeding up the proofreading process.
requestWordsCountnumber100The parameter sets number of words per request.
requestSentencesCountnumber10The parameter sets number of sentences per request.

Breaking Changes

Check Command

Introduced a new approach to processing grammar and spell check requests. We switched to per-sentence proofreading rather than meaningless per-word check. Now in a single request in such products as WProofreader and SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4, we send up to 10 tokens (sentences) using a new unified command check for checking text for spelling and grammar problems at the same time.

If you are using Web API, you can consider migrating to a new check command rather than using spelling and grammar checking commands separately. Check this Check Command guide which outlines the list of all available parameters and possible values, structure of request and its response. Along with that we added Overview of HTTP Response Status Codes that you can find helpful in case of errors.

Usage Limits for Cloud Services

The new approach resulted in almost 20-fold increase in the amount of text processed in comparison with the old approach. More information about this change is available in our blog post Major Cloud Services Upgrade: 20x and 10x Bigger Package Sizes For Our Paid and Free Users.

Bug Fixes

SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-3049]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: The text copied and pasted in CKEditor won’t be checked for errors
  • [WP-3034]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: XSS vulnerability: Grammar description with double quotes and <suggestion></suggestion> tag breaks menu in CKEditor 4

WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server 5.5.3 Release Notes


Installation Wizard and AppServer

  • Updated step with the SSL connection configuration in the installation wizard for Windows-based deployments. Added an extra option with an SSL certificate export from Windows Certificate Store. Now you have three options to configure SSL connection: (1) export SSL certificate from Windows Certificate Store; (2) specify a path to an SSL certificate file (*.pfx) in AppServerX.xml; (3) apply SSL certificate that is used by a web or Java application server.
  • Additional parameters have been added to AppServerX.xml configuration file to manage settings of SSL connection for both Windows and Linux-based deployments. Please check the list of all new parameters in the AppServer Parameters guide.

Bug Fixes

WProofreader v2.2.3717

  • [WP-2984]: WProofreader: Settings tab in the dialog are not localized to other languages
  • [WP-2984]: WProofreader: Disable WProofreader in ‘Code View’ in Froala Editor v3


  • [WP-3012]: In the logs of AppServer (Main.log) there is a record ‘package version: unknown’


  • [WP-3014]: Language dictionaries: Remove ‘ddts’ word from the standard dictionary (American and British English)

WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server Release Notes

Bug Fixes

WProofreader v2.2.3712

  • [WP-2926]: WProofreader: The bullet points outside of the correction popup box
  • [WP-3006]: WProofreader: autoDestroy functionality doesn’t work properly in IE 11 which results in ‘Unspecified errors’ in the console
  • [WP-2978]: WProofreader: Spinner in the badge is endlessly spinning after the dialog is closed

WebSpellChecker Cloud Release Notes

This is a hotfix release for the issue with the grammar checking option breaking the editor. 

In the previous release 5.5.2 we enabled the grammar checking option by default for all our paid customers. 

The issue was actual only for very old versions of CKEditor 4.4 and lower with SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) plugin where the grammar feature wasn’t implemented.

WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server 5.5.2 Release Notes


  • Grammar checking option is enabled by default for WProofreader.
  • WProofreader version has been changed to v2.2.
  • Windows Installer. Updated “Configure Service SSL Certificate” in the Windows wizard. Add a checkbox that allows the client to skip this step and use the SSL certificate installed on your Web or Java Application Server. If selected, the connection with the service will be configured via the FastGCI protocol.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2950]: WProofreader: XSS vulnerability in the Dictionary tab
    [WP-2938]: WProofreader: Lost accessibility to the badge using ‘Tab’ and ‘Enter’
    GitHub #1: [CKEditor 4] WProofreader is active in source mode highlighting HTML tags [CKEditor 4]
  • GitHub #8: [CKEditor 5] Word correction doesn’t work after list item indentation
  • GitHub #7: [CKEditor 5] Crash after correcting a word
  • GitHub #10: [CKEditor 5] Modifier keys close WProofreader balloon
  • GitHub #12: [CKEditor 5] WProofreader balloon opens while dropdown is opened
  • GitHub #14: [CKEditor 5] Correcting a word doesn’t work well with markers
  • GitHub #17: [CKEditor 5] No need for a workaround to assign the editor instance to a HTMLElement

WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server and Release Notes


  • [WP-2888]: UserDictHost parameter renamed to UserDictServerAddress in AppServerX.xml 
  • Change the priority of the suggestions for spellings such as ‘hte’ and ‘teh with ‘the’.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2933]: WProofreader: getBoundingClientRect problem on the element which isn’t added to the document in IE11