Release notes

View the up to date information of the product enhancements, bug fixes and new features added with each release.


Note! Both cloud and on-premise product versions release. The cloud version includes everything from v5.19.1 and the updated grammar check engine to version 5.7.


  • Grammar engine. Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 5.7. Added and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Catalan, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. It also includes updated versions of dependencies #6423 and fix for multithreading issue #6423 in v5.6.


Note! Only on-premise product version was released. The cloud product version is still in progress. We had to postpone the release due to Russia’s aggressive military invasion in Ukraine (WebSpellChecker is made by Ukrainians & in Ukraine).


  • Autocomplete suggestions (beta). Brand new functionality is implemented and added to WProofreader-based products – autocomplete suggestions while typing for English. It suggests only a word or short phrase, suggestion can be accepted using the left arrow “>”on the keyboard. Going forward it will be extended to more comprehensive phrases or common sentences. The feature is disabled by default, it can be easily enabled from the user interface by end users or added by developer to the configuration using autocomplete option.
  • Grammar engine. Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 5.6. Added and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.
  • Security improvements. Updated LanguageTool grammar engine with all its dependencies to eliminate common vulnerabilities. 
  • WProofreader core. The version is updated to with the release of autocomplete suggestions. Disabled badge pulsation effect: “disableBadgePulsing: true”.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4176] Incorrect words count is recorded usage statistics for the cloud product version
  • [WP-4181] WProofreader core: Broken CSS styles in a client environment
  • [WP-4171] WProofreader core: Markup fails in texareas with more than 65 535 characters [Chrome]



  • [Cloud] Speed up the process of the service activation after the subscription. Previously it took around 5-10 minutes for the subscription to be activated. Now the service starts working right away.
  • Enable English, Spanish, French medical dictionaries for appropriate languages and their dialects. 
  • Enable dictionary-based spell check engine priority for AI-based Spanish and German. 

Breaking changes

  • The list of supported languages was shortened from 160+ to approximately 80+ languages. Only unpopular and unused languages were removed. However, clients who use on-premise product versions have an option to add missing languages manually (Hunspell spell check engine). The updated list of supported languages.
  • Withdrawn the limit on the number of languages that can be used within cloud or on-premise product versions. The on-premise version package is shipped with all supported languages. However, some of them are in the disabled state. They can be easily enabled using the instructions in the following guide. 

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4140] Words with apostrophe can’t be added to user dictionary



  • A new service entry point is introduced for the cloud-based services. It is applicable for direct API calls and for UI-based components like the WProofreader add-on. For the backward compatibility, the old way also works. 

Old way:[command]&[parameter]=[value]

New way:[command]&[parameter]=[value]


Bug fixes

  • [WP-4051] AI-based engine: Suggestion is broken when >1 byte symbols are inserted into text
  • [WP-4052] AI-based engine: Misleading error message when large requests fail if not split into tokens and send using text parameter
  • [WP-4053]: AppServer: ‘canRemoveBranding: true’ doesn’t work for Linux-based installations


Hot fix release for the issue with the free version of Spell Checker plugin for CKEditor.

  • [WP-4044]: Broken banner in the free version of WSC plugin “Refused to display ‘<URL>’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘deny’.”




  • The application server (AppServer) will not be stopped and show correct response to all API commands if there is any issue with the license. Previously if the license is absent or expired the AppServer stops working and it was unclean what is the root of the problem if not examine the AppSever logs.


Security improvements

  • As a part of security improvements we reviewed allowed HTTP methods for the cloud-based service. Allowed: POST, GET and OPTIONS.
  • Added the X-Frame-Options HTTP response header to avoid clickjacking attacks by ensuring that content is not embedded into other sites.
  • Added Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header to instruct the browser to only communicate via HTTPS. This will be enforced by the browser even if the user requests a HTTP resource on the same server.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3983] Autocorrect: Incorrect replacement for “hte” in the English dialects.



  • Release of the beta version of AI-based Spanish (es_AI). Give it a try here

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4020] OPTIONS preflight requests are blocked for the cloud-based version



WProofreader v3.4.4570

  • Improved autocorrect feature. Words that start from the capital letter will be ignored by autocorrect. It means that there won’t be false positive and annoying autocorrections for names or other proper names.

Bug fixes

WProofreader core

  • [WP-4000] Autocorrect doesn’t work with Unicode languages (e.g. Ukrainian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)
  • [WP-3999] When user adds reverted words to the user dictionary they are still autocorrected



WProofreader v3.4.4565

  • Added a toggle option “Correct spelling automatically” for end users to turn on/off the autocorrect feature directly from the UI on the settings dialog. User selection will be remembered in the browser local storage. To find out more about autocorrect feature, refer to the Autocorrect guide.
  • Extended the settingsSections option with additional value: general. This section right now contains the toggle Correct spelling automatically responsible for managing autocorrect functionality. By default it is shown. If admins prefer to remove it from UI, this value has to be removed from the array. Find out more in WProofreader API options docs.
  • Autocorrect replacements are now more user-friendly. The following spelling alarms will be ignored from the autocorrection: abbreviations, words in mixed case or containing digits, if suggestion consists of two words or a number of letters changed is more than one.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3994, WP-3997] Autocorrect doesn’t work properly with “auto” language



WProofreader v3.2.4522

  • Default language changed from American English (en_US) to Auto Detect (auto). This will be applied if no language is predefined in configuration using lang option.
  • Added a new API option autoLangPriorities that allows to define priorities of languages detected by auto-detect. For example, if language auto-detect defines “en”, then British English (en_GB) should be used during check request. It is applicable only if “auto” is available and used as a default language.
  • The size of the squeezed badge is decreased by 40%. This state is enabled automatically for fields with small height and when entered text overlap the badge.  

Find out more about all available customization options for WProofreader in API documentation.


  • Added a new parameter auto_lang_priorities to the check command for specifying the language priorities when language auto-detect is used. 


Bug fixes


  • [WP-3887] WProofreader: Extra badge appears after copy/paste in Quill editor field



WProofreader v3.2

  • Implemented support of the dark theme. Can be enabled by adding: theme: ‘dark’,
  • The size of the orange floating badge is now dynamically adjusted based on the size of the input area and text position.
  • Mirrored the orange badge and its elements in case of right-to-left (RTL).
  • Updated user interface localization for Norwegian (no), Swedish (sv) and Danish (da) based on the recommendations from the client.
  • Added a new user interface localization for Swiss German (de-ch) prepared by one of the customers.

Find our more about all available customization options for WProofreader in API documentation.


  • Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 5.3. Added and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.


Bug fixes


  • [WP-3838] WProofreader jumps when user changes settings on the page with many instances
  • [WP-3827] WProofreader: Dialog is not closing after switching to CKEditor 4 full view