About us

Meet the team

Before committing to proofreading software, we wandered here and there, gaining experience and skills, which are responsible for non-trivial product ideas. Let’s get acquainted!

  • Julia – the one-in-charge-of-it-all aka the CEO

    The power which keeps the WebSpellChecker mechanism ticking. Julia keeps managing the team even when she sleeps (according to reports from the trusted family members).

  • Michael –– the Meticulous Daredevil
    Michael – the meticulous daredevil aka the QA engineer

    To find what something is capable of you have to push it beyond its limits. That is what Michael does daily to our software, and from time to time — to himself venturing for activities like swimming beyond the Arctic Circle.
    Michael is daring but not careless: not a bug can snitch past this origami master’s eagle eye.

  • Meet WebSpellCheker team – Customer Success Manager
    Nadya – the strategic mind aka the customer success manager

    Sometimes it takes a chess master to navigate priorities during the influx of support requests. Oh wait, Nadia is one! It all started at the age of six when she’s outplayed her two granddads in a month-long vacation chess marathon.

  • Meet WebSpellCheker team – JavaScript Developer
    Alexey – the future man aka the JavaScript developer

    One can’t hide his craving for progress. With an aerospace industry as a career launch pad, Alexey has found his new frontier in the computer science field. Now when WebSpellChecker gets new features, be sure it happened due to Alexey’s artful coding.

  • Meet WebSpellChecker team – QA Engineer
    Artem – the rhythmic hacker aka the QA engineer

    They say the hackers make the best testers. Well, given Artem’s crush for applications security we feel covered from virtually any threat out there. It may also be his rich music background, which allows him to instantly hear when come part of our software is singing flat.

  • Maxim – the secret weapon aka the C++ Developer

    It takes a nerve to dive deep into OS internals to ensure smooth operation of the WebSpellChecker server-side components. Maxim holds a degree in nuclear physics, and spends his free time mountaineering, kayaking and parachuting.

  • Kate – the sales master aka the business development manager

    Taking an early morning run is the key to the open mind needed to maintain fruitful relationships with clients and address their needs effectively. Kate is always curious about researching and identifying new market opportunities.

  • Meet WebSpellCheker team – JavaScript Developer
    Bogdan – the natural intellect aka the deep learning engineer

    No programming task is too complicated for a person who names Deep Learning as his hobby, and not only fancies transhumanistic theories but speeds up the human evolution with his own efforts.

  • Meet WebSpellChecker team – Web Developer
    Alexey – the explorer aka the web developer

    Besides making our Web interfaces work like a charm, Alexey’s interests spread far. As far as the Space exploration. Given the news in the sphere it looks like opening the WebSpellChecker Martian office is just a matter of time.

  • The Prodigy aka the Next big name in the proofreading software realm

    Feeling like your talent is missing from this squad? Join us! We welcome everyone wishing WebSpellChecker good.