Our partners

When professionals put their expertise together, mighty solutions emerge. WebSpellChecker proofreading tools are either available within or can be extended by the products, created by our partners.

  • CKSource has been around 11 years, maintaining the most widely used web content editor, CKEditor. With the introduction of the CKEditor Ecosystem in 2017, it brings innovation and vision to rich text editing solutions, enabling anyone to write quality content and collaborate on it in real-time. In scope of the partnership between WebSpellChecker and CKSource, WebSpellChecker Dialog and SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) are integrated spell- and grammar checkers in CKEditor. Free Cloud versions of the WebSpellChecker Dialog and SCAYT are available with an advertisement banner for all CKEditor customers. The ad-free version is available upon purchase of the Cloud or Server version of the application.

  • Froala is all about creating beautiful web tools to empower people to bring their ideas to life on the Internet. Froala created Editor that took WYSIWYG HTML editing to a whole new level. In scope of the partnership between WebSpellChecker and Froala, SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) is integrated as a spell- and grammar checking feature in Froala Editor.

  • Spellex Corporation is a world leader in assistive technology (AT) software solutions designed to improve the literacy of individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism spectrum disorders relating to written communications. We partnered to provide our customers with the on-demand access to the Spellex’s profession-specific lexicons within the WebSpellChecker toolset.

  • TeamDev Management is an Estonian company specializing in providing software development services and is an authorised reseller for products of WebSpellChecker LLC.

If you want to offer spell – and grammar checking tools as a part of your product or service, please contact us for more details on financial terms and deal structures for our partners.

Our resellers

All of our products can be also purchased via our trusted software procurement partners.

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