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  • Style guide
    • Added a new collection of LGBTQIA+-inclusive rules for all English dialects. The updated rules will suggest gender-neutral language, such as “her spouse” or “his spouse” instead of “her wife” or “his husband”. The rule category name is WSC_LGBTQIA_INCLUSIVE_LANGUAGE.
    • Added a new action “upload” to the style guide API that allows uploading CSV files with multiple rules.
  • [On-premise] Application server. Increased default number of worker threads to 16 to improve performance.


  • Demo pages. Enhanced WProofreader SDK demo pages with a quick demo tour to show the main aspects of the WProofreader interface and how to effectively use the demo.
  • [Cloud] Grammar engine. Rollback of the 3rd grammar engine, LanguageTool v6.4 to v6.3 due to potential issues with CPU utilization under load.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-5725] AI engine-only configuration for English doesn’t catch dialect differences
  • [WP-5771] AppServer: “enforce_ai” parameter overrides default check kit [On-premise]