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WebSpellChecker 5.4.1 – 5.4.4: More effective proofreading, easier license maintenance

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Over the past couple of months we have been working on boosting our top-notch proofreading tool – WProofreader, and introducing much awaited improvements for the Server license holders. Here is a quick summary:

Growing to v2.0 WProofreader improved sufficiently:

  • It got more stable and effective due to the new core and architecture. 
  • It got faster due to the block-based proofreading-checking mechanism which checks only the actually changed parts of the text. 
  • It got more delicate to appearances and content of the classic editors, where it runs. Now, working in the virtual layer it does not affect the styles of the editable fields and does not pollute the content with technical tags.
  • It got more powerful with the ability to request the server with the batches of 100 words instead of 10, sent previously.

It also got easier to maintain licenses for the Server version:

  • Keeping the licenses up to date got painless with warnings, served in logs 30, 14, 7 and 1 day prior to the license expiration.
  • Upgrading hardware got more convenient with the built-in mechanism of temporary license deactivation, and its further activation on the new machine.

Please see the Cloud and Server release notes for detailed account of changes.

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