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Spell Checker “WSC” dialog plugin for CKEditor 4 finally deprecated

Dear Clients!

Starting from January 10, 2022, the cloud-based version of Spell Checker “WSC” dialog plugin  for CKEditor 4 (WSC plugin further)  was disabled for all types of users.

It doesn’t affect the SCAYT (SpellCheckAsYouType) plugin for CKEditor 4 as it’s a standalone product.

The end of life of the WSC plugin was announced in 2020. The main reasons for deprecation were the following: low security, limited capabilities, and fewer active clients. As a result, we decided to stop supporting the WSC plugin and put more efforts in developing other WSC products. 

Users that added the WSC plugin to CKEditor 4 config.js file using the extraPlugins parameter or those who are still using CKEditor version lower than 4.16.0 with the plugin built-in by default may face an issue with the loading spinner.

To solve the issue, remove WSC plugin (‘wsc’) from the extraPlugins parameter (if any) or disable it using the removePlugins parameter in the CKEditor config.js file:

config.removePlugins ='wsc';

Alternatively, you can migrate to the free version of the SCAYT (SpellCheckAsYouType) plugin or consider WProofreader add-on for CKEditor 4

Should you need assistance in understanding how alternative options work, please contact us.

WebSpellChecker team

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