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Autocomplete & other updates: made by Ukrainians for the world!

Dear clients,

This newsletter should have started with “A great start of the year at WebSpellChecker…”, but the reality in Ukraine is polar opposite. These times are extremely challenging, but we’re not giving up.

We keep living, working and dreaming. And one of our dreams is to improve the excellence of WebSpellChecker products, so that every business can conveniently use them.

We’re proud that WebSpellChecker products are made in Ukraine by Ukrainian tech guys 🙂

So, meet a bunch of changes and updates to our portfolio and business model.

Autocomplete is here

Autocomplete is a new episode of the series “Auto- features”. It works alike to predictive texting or well-known Gmail Smart Compose: the user is typing a word, the autocomplete suggests the next one.

The purpose of this feature is to speed up business writing and make it even more comfy for you and your team. For now, the autocomplete suggests only separate words based on the context, but we’re planning to upgrade the feature to offer phrases or even sentences at the next step.

Autocomplete is available only for English now and enabled in turned OFF state in all WProofreader-based products. Developers can update the configuration and turn ON the autocomplete by default for all users. Also, there is a toggle setting on the UI allowing end users to enable or disable text prediction.

Note! We’ve already released the autocomplete for the on-premise version of WProofreader-based products. And we’re still trying to roll out the feature for the Cloud version. In the situation prevailing in Ukraine it’s challenging, but we’re slowly moving towards this objective. We’re sure we can make it soon!

Optimised language coverage

In December 2021, we decided to cut the number of languages we support by default. Originally, there were over 160 languages in the list, but we limited this number to 80+ languages.

Maintaining the equal quality of all languages is tough and complex, which consumes enormous efforts we’d eagerly invest into other areas, e.g. enhancing performance of our proofreading engines.

The on-premise version enables you to turn on all supported languages. 20+ popular languages are enabled by default.

New names for WebSpellChecker products

We believe that a product name should reflect its nature and purpose, fit like a glove.

So we changed WProofreader add-on for rich text editors to WProofreader SDK. Basically, WProofreader SDK is a set of pre-built integrations for rich text editors, allowing developers to enrich the scope of their apps and systems with proofreading functionality. Alongside predefined integrations, SDK includes a standalone spell & grammar check API (HTTP or Web API).

Besides, this change is aligned with industry mainstreams and client queries for grammar check SDK solutions.

So, now WebSpellChecker product portfolio includes WProofreader SDK, WProofreader browser extension, WProofreader plugin for WordPress, and SCAYT for CKEditor 4.

As a part of these changes, we optimized our website, now it looks more intuitive and informative. More changes are on the way.

Besides, to avoid confusion, we renamed the Server version of WebSpellChecker solutions to On-premise version, which better reflects the difference between the two options of deployment.

New pricing

We started this year with not so pleasant for our clients, but essential for us changes. We upgraded the pricing policy for both Cloud and On-premise users.

Alongside growing operating costs which include scaling up people’s resources, support and maintenance expenditures, the changes in our pricing are based on the strategic plans.

We’re considering acquiring security certification, which is to make our services even more robust. Another reason is enlarging the capacities of our AI engines, which requires purchasing/developing datasets needed for training the AI models.
Ever-growing accuracy of proofreading engines is the core of our offering, which will enable us to play in the highly competitive market.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new pricing, please contact our Sales team.

New year. New changes. Continued commitment

We keep improving the quality of our product portfolio and fine-tuning it to adjust to your technical requirements and business needs.

The new milestones ahead: advanced English dialects, company style guide builder, AI-based models for new languages, management console for the on-premise version.

As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback regarding the newest updates and changes. Reply to this email or contact our Sales team.

Best regards,
WebSpellChecker team

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