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AI-based English and German, WProofreader UI update & more in v5.8.0

Hi everyone!

Before the final rush of the year we’d like to introduce the final software update – WebSpellChecker v5.8.0.

Check out the latest changes which are now live.

AI-based engine for English and German

After beta-testing the new AI-powered engine for English, we received a lot of requests on separating color underlines for different kinds of errors. Your wishes are granted. The new software version comes with red lines for spelling issues and green lines – for grammar and punctuation. Proofreading is a lot more comfy now.

A new AI-based engine for German is on the way. We’ve released its 1st version that’s already proved being 2x more effective than our classical engine.  

By the way, now you can use a combo of our network-based core and a classical engine to improve your proofreading results. You know, two heads are better than one.

Why not test the AI engine? Try it now.

Updated UI for WProofreader

This time changes were made to the suggestions pop-up. With modernized structure and navigation, it looks more laconic and feels more intuitive now. The pop-up size is smaller and less obtrusive, icons are more comprehensive. 

But that’s not the end. In the next versions, we’re going to make your in-dialog proofreading experience even better. 

{Spoiler}: The static proofread in dialog will be replaced with a dynamic dialog. But let’s not ahead of ourselves.

Upgraded 3-d party engine

Although we’re working hard on developing our AI engine, we keep improving the base for rule-based proofreading in all languages available within our software.

In the new software version, you’ll see improved grammar rules for Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian. It means there will be less annoying errors and green lines.

Improved Luxembourgish spell-checker

Great news! We’ve added Luxembourgish localization for WProofreader UI and extended the language dictionary.

And it’s all thanks to our new business partner who has shared us 350K words validated and approved by the official center for Luxembourgish language. Write and check with a taste of Luxembourgish Kachkéis cheese and Verwurelter donuts.

Enhanced WProofreader plugin for CKEditor 5

Per your request, we’ve added WProofreader toolbar icon into the CKEditor 5, which means you can freely enable or disable spelling and grammar checking directly from the editor toolbar. 

Minor updates always bring major satisfaction. Note, the orange badge in the bottom right corner only indicates the number of errors. Also, we’ve renewed WProofreader UI and made its design style closer to CKEditor 5 environment. No confusion anymore. 

These changes are to make your proofreading routine easier and save your time on more important and pleasant things.

This is not the limit, and we have some BIG dates coming soon. Stay tuned and never miss what’s new at WebSpellChecker. For any questions, reach out to our support team.

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