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Hellooo! Introducing a spring bucket of updates!

All winter we were busy modifying and enhancing our product portfolio to make it more user-friendly, reliable and powerful. And we made it! 

We’ve released 5 software versions v5.8.1v5.8.2, v5.9.0v5.10.0, v5.11.0. Check out what recent improvements are giving you.

More flexibility with a new licensing approach for Server clients

We’ve been thinking very hard on how to make our licensing approach and pricing model more beneficial for Server-based clients.

As a result we’ve decided not to validate the license by the hardware characteristics and got rid of per server or per user pricing. It means the end for the floating licensing mechanism and more flexibility for customers who are using our products in dynamic cloud environments or containerized environments such as Docker.

Convenient and intuitive text checking with WProofreader

In every software release, we somehow modernize our core product WProofreader to make it more user-friendly for all categories of clients.

This time we’ve:

  • replaced an old static proofread-in-dialog mode with a floating dialog;
  • implemented support for right-to-left (RTL) languages;
  • added localization of UI elements for several languages;
  • enhanced user settings (“page options synchronization” and “global options storage in local storage”);
  • changed the color of detected grammar-type errors from green to blue.        

The outcome is a more intuitive product that doesn’t require a steep learning curve and a faster text checking process without distractions. Check out demos.

Enhanced engines under the hood

We know that the high-quality proofreading results depend directly on the capabilities of engines.

Right now our AI-based engine outputs both spelling and grammar suggestions, can work simultaneously with a classical spell check engine, supports user-level dictionaries.

The 3rd party engine we deploy has improved grammar rules for a set of languages.

We go on to fine-tune our AI-based engines to achieve higher proofreading quality in all languages. 

Secure and robust backend

No changes and updates are viable without a stable backend.

We understand the importance of continual service provision to our clients and keep strengthening the health of WebSpellChecker Cloud version.

Lately, we’ve solved memory issues in the spell check engine, upgraded 3rd party components to the latest versions, fixed a few XSS vulnerabilities in user dictionaries.

By doing so we’ve managed to stabilize the apps’ behavior in time of high load, reduce risk of their crashes, ensure ongoing service provisioning.

For any further details or questions regarding WebSpellChecker updates, please get in touch with us

Before you go we just wanted to say thank you for your interest in our solutions!  

Have a happy Spring Season!  

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