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WProofreader v3.1

  • Implemented global proofread dialog that aggregates all suggestions from the editable element on the page. Enabled by default: globalProofreadDialog: true.
  • Storing spell check ignore options and language selection globally for the same origin (domain/subdomain+protocol//:domain+port) in the browser local storage instead of per instance storage. Enabled by default: disableOptionsStorage [options, language].
  • Implemented per page options and language synchronization mechanism. Enabled by default: syncOptions = true. It means that language selected in one instance, will be applied for all consequent and existing instances.
  • Updated localization of UI for the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Core & API

  • Added localized description for spelling type mistakes “Spelling mistake”
  • Updated and shortened error messages relates to the Cloud services usage (subscription, languages, domain permissions)


  • Created Dockerfile and deployment instructions for WebSpellChecker Server based on the latest CentOS.
  • Updated public Docker images with WebSpellChecker/WProofreader Server to the latest version.

Bug fixes

Core & API

  • [WP-2951] API: Wrong error message when user sends getdict API command without user dictionary name handler
  • [WP-3780] Updated translation of supposed languages in Ukrainian
  • [WP-3817] API: Ignore_all_caps option doesn’t flag any spelling issues if it is set to “1” for Russian/Ukrainian etc.


  • [WP-3794] WProofreader: Elements position is shifted if initialized in elements with “display: inline;”
  • [WP-3781] WProofreader: When removing a word from dictionary Russian localization says about removing a dictionary instead
  • [WP-3786] WProofreader: ‘Settings’ title is shown on dialog window if it is reopened from the badge
  • [WP-3795] WProofreader: Badge doesn’t refresh the suggestions count
  • [WP-3814] WProofreader: Wrong focus after replace action in dialog
  • [WP-3822] TypeError: Unable to get property ‘doctype’ of undefined or null reference for WProofreader in EdgeHTML
  • [WP-3824] WProofreader: Icons for such actions as Add, Ignore, More displaced in hovered state in IE11