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🎄Wrapping up 2021 and looking forward 🎉

Dear WebSpellChecker clients,

Happy, happy, happy! With a new milestone approaching to all of us, it’s time to summarize what 2021 was rich for. Shall we start first our year in review.

Spelling autocorrect

In August, we released a huge feature – spelling autocorrect. It cleans the text from common typos like its, hte, and dont on the fly. Super handy! The feature is turned on by default, but you can disable it from the product UI.

Security enhancements

This year, we’ve built another security wall to better protect customer data. We’ve restricted access to the cloud service via HTTP, switched to TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocols and introduced a reverse proxy for the server version. Besides, we’ve updated the security testing procedure, and ensured constant scanning for common vulnerabilities. WebSpellChecker services are now securer than ever.

P.S. And as for that Log4j2 vulnerability (a present from Greench), WebSpellChecker software wasn’t affected by it. You’re safe and sound.

AI-based engine for Spanish

AI-powered engines have already proved their effectiveness when it comes to grammar correction tasks. So, WebSpellChecker is slowly but surely developing AI models for new languages. This time it was Spanish. We released AI Spanish (beta) for all WebSpellChecker products. ¡Inténtalo!

New floating dialog for WProofreader

This year, WProofreader got a new floating dialog that replaced its old static proofread-in-dialog mode. No more duplicates of the whole text with issues in the separate dialog, only aggregated suggestions. Comfy, stress-free proofreading is at your service. Check it out.

WProofreader browser extension: free & business versions

We love getting things done. Having released the WProofreader browser extension last year, we’ve made its store version more robust and user-friendly now. WProofreader browser extension is available for downloading from official browser stores: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Try it absolutely free.

The Business version of the extension comes with an admin panel for corporate security-conscious clients. Users can manage the subscription, team members, and configure settings there. Available in a bundle with the standalone version.

Major changes wouldn’t happen unless minor updates of the WebSpellChecker software.

In 2021, we’ve improved deployment procedure for the standalone version, reconsidered the pricing model for WebSpellChecker solutions, made improvements to the WProofreader core, etc.

Let us know personally or in the comments below how 2021 was for your business. We hope it was awesome!

Meanwhile, WebSpellChecker Santa Claus is ready to wish you happy winter holidays. See you in the new year again!

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