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WebSpellChecker grew two versions better!

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Since the last time we talked the WebSpellChecker was updated twice, and now it is absolutely fantastisch! Come see:

  • The proofreading engine now recognizes 600K new German words, treats compound words in Dutch correctly, and checks grammar in six new languages: Australian and New Zealand English, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Austrian.
  • WProofreader and SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 got more straightforward telling right from wrong: all the possible mistakes are now underlined with straight lines instead of wavy.
  • WProofreader got more accessible and fancy with contrasting colors and modern touch to the UI. However, appearances did not distract us from functionality – the tool now supports ‘as you type’ mode in editors based on a custom data model (CKEditor5, Quill, Trix, ProseMirror).
  • Speaking of compatibility: we have updated the SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 to be compatible with a new version of CKEditor 4.11.2.
  • On the server side: the AppServer security was reinforced by support of SSL certificates with passwords, and enhancements based on the results of MSVS static code analysis. It also got more convenient to manage from the Terminal with the new Status command.

For detailed release notes please refer to 5.3.1 Cloud/Server or 5.3.2 Cloud/Server accordingly.

To upgrade your proofreading engine to this latest version (5.3.2), please check the instructions for Cloud or Server version.

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