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WebSpellChecker Cloud 5.3.2 Release Notes


WProofreader v1.5

  • Change wavy red and green lines that underlines spelling and grammar errors accordingly to straight ones.

SCAYT Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 is compatible with a new version of CKEditor 4.11.2.

Language Dictionaries

  • German language dictionary has been extended with over 600K new words.
  • Grammar support is added for Australian and New Zealand English, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Austrian languages.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2405] WProofreader: The suggestion box has wrong position in <iframe> on touch devices with zoom
  • [WP-2423] WProofreader: Elements are incorrectly positioned if one from the parents of main container is scrollable
  • [WP-2424] WProofreader: Empty space is underlined before a word with <a> link
  • [WP-2440] WProofreader: Grammar problems separated by a new line are processed incorrectly in <textarea> elements
  • [WP-2528] WProofreader: WordPress styles is broken when editing media
  • [WP-2441] wscbundle.js: Quotes with code #8217 shouldn’t be considered as separators & [WP-2541] SCAYT doesn’t ignore ‘Right single quotation mark U+2019’
  • [WP-2571] WProofreader: Incorrect position of badge button if the body has relative position and padding
  • [WP-2633] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: Wrong formatting of a error message when service ID is invalid

Free Services

  • New banner ad is added in SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 which is running under the free services.
  • New banner ad is added in WSC Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4 which is running under the free services.