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Here’s to 2020 – Let’ wrap it up already

Dear all,

2020 was a very challenging, yet productive year for WebSpellChecker.

We were excited to be able to bring major changes and minor updates to our family of Cloud- and Server-based proofreading solutions.

Let’s recap together the brightest advances of WebSpellChecker.

AI-based engines

WebSpellChecker is ringing in the New Year with AI-based engines for English and German. Compared with classic engines, the accuracy and quality of engines based on neural networks is 3x and 2x higher accordingly. 

The beauty of smart algorithms is that they generate suggestions based on the sentence context. 

Currently, we’re working on a similar technology for other languages to take your proofreading experience to a new level.

At the same time, we keep updating traditional spelling and grammar engines for all languages WebSpellChecker supports.

You haven’t tested AI-based engines yet? It’s high time to do this.

Language auto-detection

In spring, WebSpellChecker passed a huge milestone that marked the appearance of the auto-detection feature.

Before, you would have to switch between languages to check different text pieces in mixed docs. That was really “grr”. 

Now you can relax as the auto-detector instantly identifies the language and proofreads all the text parts equally well.

This feature is available for up to 80 languages.

WProofreader updates

Throughout 2020, we’ve introduced a lot of updates to our prominent product – WProofreader including:

  • new themes (gray, standard, custom);
  • refreshed UI, in particular for suggestion pop-up;
  • improvements of performance and integration with rich text editors; 
  • renewed UI design for plugin for CKEditor 5;
  • minor updates and bug fixes for the product’s look & feel.

Thanks for sharing your proofreading experience with us – it helps us make WProofreader better.

Browser extension

So desired, WProofreader browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge has finally gone live this year.  It’s a standalone secure multilingual text checker with tons of integration and customization options.

We’ve made it easy to integrate with your everyday business software and apps. WProofreader extension perfectly suits companies and organizations dealing with sensible data. 

Ready to test killer WProofreader add-on? Yes, give it to me now!

EOL for WSC dialog plugin for CKEditor 

Also, this year we said “Goodbye!” to WSC dialog plugin for CKEditor 4.  

Every product is born, grows, matures, and dies is eventually replaced with a better one. 

We’ve decided to invest our resources and efforts into a more promising and advanced WProofreader which is the best alternative to your fav WSC dialog plugin.

Cloud clients can continue using WSC dialog plugin until the end of their current billing cycle within upcoming 2021.  Until then, they can migrate to WProofreader to continue using our services.

Our new year’s resolution is the same as the last year and one before – to make the WebSpellChecker product family your best proofreading assistants. A bunch of new features like custom proofreading rules for companies are on the way. 

Thank you for being with us during this busy and wonderful 2020. May 2021 be filled with love, happiness, and inspiration!

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday season! 

WebSpellChecker team

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