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WebSpellChecker 5.4.0: Simplified licensing, granular proofreading settings

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Simplified Licensing of WebSpellChecker Server

Managing company’s server structure can be demanding. With this release we intended to take at least the licensing complexities off the admins’ shoulders:

  • Less platform-specific setup work: the licenses on Windows and Linux are now activated in a single flow.
  • Less steps to activate the license.
  • Less emailing: reactivating and migrating from one server to another is now done completely on your side, no need to send our requests
  • Less handwork: activate the license automatically, if you have the Internet connection. Simply enter the license ticket you received and confirm you prefer the automated activation.

See the new Server license activation instructions here.

WProofreader v1.6

You knew it as The WebSpellChecker Proofreader, but let’s keep things simple – the new name for the ultimate proofreading is WProofreader.

Along with the new name the new version comes a range of possibilities to make the proofreading process your very own:

Make it discreet. Custom plan of the Cloud version and Server version of WProofreader now allow to remove the About tab, containing the WProofreader logo and title. Which is particularly useful for applications with strict branding requirements.

Make it distraction-free.

  • Choose only dialog mode of proofreading, without instant suggestions of as you type mode.
  • Remove the badge button, however autoSearch will keep detecting new text fields on the page and enabling proofreading in them.

Make it uniform. Predefine a single dictionary for all end users, disabling users’ options to create, connect or remove user dictionary.

And the cherry on top of it all: tuning up got even easier, as the WProofreader instance can now be accessed and managed right on the page.

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