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Looks new. Does more. Reliable as ever!

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Hey guys!

So it looks like we’ve grown big enough to move out of mama’s garage:) With all the new products, presented recently, we decided to expand further in a new spacious and fancy site. Please note the new address:

Drop by to check out the view and all the proofreading tools, neatly presented in the new UI. It also got much more convenient to extend your proofreading engine with additional languages – all the demos are now available in one place.

As you enter you’ll be cordially greeted by our new mascot. You might notice, that it is literally All eyes, closely watching not a mistake or typo to slip by its vigilant gaze. From now on it will serve as a new logo for WebSpellChecker, so it’ll follow along all our communications.

Don’t worry, the good old remains around and functional in case you need it.

However all the plans we have are for the new domain: we are about making you cosy at a new place with things like reimagined admin console, and more. We’ll keep you posted of the improvements.

Meanwhile, make yourself at home!

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