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It’s official: the all-new WebSpellChecker Proofreader is released!

Fully aware, that with this announcement we might put an end to some of our classic products, we still can’t hold the future back.

Meet the all-new WebSpellChecker Proofreader! The tool comprising everything we’ve learned about proofreading put in a shiny new UI.

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Here’s why you’ll love the Proofreader just as we do:

  • Both instant spell- and grammar checking, and proofreading in a dialog are now available simultaneously.
  • You’ll need a single script to integrate in all types of editable fields. Even in CKEditor 5.
  • The Auto-search takes care of detecting new editable fields and enabling proofreading in them automatically.
  • New clean and comfy UI includes intuitive suggestion boxes, proofreading on hover, and more.
  • The powerful engine checks spelling in 168 and grammar – in 14 languages in all modern browsers.

Give it a Try

The Proofreader is full on and available for use. Please see the installation instructions for the Server and Cloud versions.

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