Back to the Blog Newsletter. December, 2008

Dear client,

We are happy to announce the launch of the new site. The new website has new look and feel, offers enhanced features plus more user-friendly sections for customers. This Newsletter lists the main benefits of the updated site.

Site – The Main Information Source website in the main source of information about our products, features and solutions. That’s why we tried to improve it. Products are now organized for easier customer searchability. Site contains samples, demos and instructions how to embed the products to your site or web-application. Support section is now wiki-based and this allows us to keep it up to date by updating existing information and by posting new answers on FAQ and instructions. We want you to enjoy our products and find all needed information on the site with ease.
Forum, News Blog, Live Chat
The new website was updated to provide our customers with various communication channels. Additional new features of the website include wiki-based Support section, Forum and News Blog. And as always you can contact us using Live Chat on our site.
The purpose of the Forum is for user-to-user interaction. This is the place to discuss those “Has anyone else embedded the application to…” questions with other users of the products. It is a place where you can share your experience of using our products with other customers, discuss found problems and supposed improvements. We will regularly review forum topics and participate in the discussions.
News Blog is intented to keep our customers informed on the ongoing project activities and to share our experience with you. Do you want to know what the team is working on, what features and updates expect in the nearest time? Visit our news blog.

Communication with our customers has always been a top priority for us and it will continue to be. We start to send Monthly Newsletters in order to keep you informed about new versions and features of the product. We promise to make the Newsletter interesting and beneficial for you and will be happy to see you in our subscribers list.


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