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WebSpellChecker Cloud 5.5.4 Release Notes


WProofreader v2.2.3806

The following options have been added:

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
autoDestroybooleanfalseThe parameter turns on/off the auto-destroy functionality of a WEBSPELLCHECKER instance. By default, it is enabled for WProofreader initialized using ‘autoSearch’. It can be used to avoid monitoring the state of the instance and handling its destroy after removal of an editable container from the page.
ecVersionnumber2The parameter sets version of the application for HTML editable controls. The default value is ‘2’. Value ‘1’ stands for enabling the old version of the application which is kept for backward compatibility and exception case (like old versions of IE browser).
requestTokensCountnumber10The parameter sets number of tokens (sentences) per request.

The following options have been removed and no longer available:

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
enableOnTouchDevicesbooleanfalseThe parameter enables WEBSPELLCHECKER support on the touch devices.
Note:  Now enabled by default and doesn’t require an extra options.
disableCachebooleanfalseThe parameter disables cache for storing the most popular correct and misspelled words with their suggestions. It is aimed at speeding up the proofreading process.
cacheSizenumber4000The parameter sets the max cache size that will be used for storing the most popular correct and misspelled words with their suggestions. It is aimed at speeding up the proofreading process.
requestWordsCountnumber100The parameter sets number of words per request.
requestSentencesCountnumber10The parameter sets number of sentences per request.

Breaking Changes

Check Command

Introduced a new approach to processing grammar and spell check requests. We switched to per-sentence proofreading rather than meaningless per-word check. Now in a single request in such products as WProofreader and SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4, we send up to 10 tokens (sentences) using a new unified command check for checking text for spelling and grammar problems at the same time.

If you are using Web API, you can consider migrating to a new check command rather than using spelling and grammar checking commands separately. Check this Check Command guide which outlines the list of all available parameters and possible values, structure of request and its response. Along with that we added Overview of HTTP Response Status Codes that you can find helpful in case of errors.

Usage Limits for Cloud Services

The new approach resulted in almost 20-fold increase in the amount of text processed in comparison with the old approach. More information about this change is available in our blog post Major Cloud Services Upgrade: 20x and 10x Bigger Package Sizes For Our Paid and Free Users.

Bug Fixes

SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-3049]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: The text copied and pasted in CKEditor won’t be checked for errors
  • [WP-3034]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: XSS vulnerability: Grammar description with double quotes and <suggestion></suggestion> tag breaks menu in CKEditor 4