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Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3197] WProofreader: Underlines are not removed for the words which are in the dictionary after it’s connected
  • [WP-3198] WProofreader: JS error ”Cannot read property ‘setFocus’ of null at wscbundle.js:44” in console when a user deletes a user dictionary
  • [WP-3256], GitHub #21: WProofreader: Incorrect highlighting of problems in track changes feature of CKEditor 5
  • [WP-3263] WProofreader: Scroll to the next problem doesn’t work after replace/add word/Ignore all in “Proofread in dialog” mode
  • [WP-3264] WProofreader: Problems remain highlighted in the editor after using Ignore all in the “Proofread in dialog” mode
  • [WP-3192] WProofreader: Missing or multiple whitespace problem type is incorrectly displayed in the “Proofread in dialog” mode 

Languages Dictionaries

  • [WP-3266] AppServer: ‘No_any_suggestions’ returns as suggestion for request with Greek language