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WebSpellChecker Server 4.8.5 Release Notes


1. Beta version of SCAYT 3 for Editable Controls.

  • The major updates introduced in the beta version:
    • Unordered List ItemStatic and dynamic way of initialization in Textarea and Input
    • Drag and Drop
    • Undo and Redo
    • Shortcuts manager
    • SCAYT 3 API
    • stopImmediatePropagation, onContextMenuHandler methods in UI adaptor
  • Fixes of the major issues for the beta release:
    • Firefox (FF): SCAYT Context Menu can’t be opened on the RMB click if the editor is not focused
    • INDEX_SIZE_ERR in the browser console after the text is pasted several times
    • SCAYT Context Menu: Incorrect suggestions are provided in the suggestions section when a user tries to open the context menu a misspelled word is focused in both textarea input
    • Uncaught IndexSizeError when a user opens the SCAYT context menu and then focuses the HTML control
    • JS error in the browser console on the Drop action to the SCAYT instance
    • Text Processing: Text is cut on the Paste action when the clipboard is empty
    • IE8-11: Dragged text is not removed on the Drop action
    • Undo and Redo: Redo command is available when a user types some text after Undo command.
    • IE9: SCAYT is created via a new keyword: JS error “SCRIPT5007: Invalid operand to ‘in’: Object expected” on the SCAYT load.

2. Web API: Grammar check commands.


  • SCAYT Core: Integration of the mechanism for client-side cross-origin requests into SCAYT 3 products such as SCAYT 3 for Editable Controls, SCAYT plugin for CKEditor, SCAYT plugin for TinyMCE.
  • AppServer: Added license activation from the command line on Windows.
    • Web Interface Component (SSRV):
    • Detailed information for ?cmd=status response
    • Integration of the RapidJSON library into SSRV.cgi component for an automatic JSON creation for SCAYT 3
    • Compliance with C++ 11 standard

Bug Fixes:

  • AppServer: The WSC application license is lost when a user turns off programmatically all the LAN interfaces and tries to access the application.