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WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server 5.5.3 Release Notes


Installation Wizard and AppServer

  • Updated step with the SSL connection configuration in the installation wizard for Windows-based deployments. Added an extra option with an SSL certificate export from Windows Certificate Store. Now you have three options to configure SSL connection: (1) export SSL certificate from Windows Certificate Store; (2) specify a path to an SSL certificate file (*.pfx) in AppServerX.xml; (3) apply SSL certificate that is used by a web or Java application server.
  • Additional parameters have been added to AppServerX.xml configuration file to manage settings of SSL connection for both Windows and Linux-based deployments. Please check the list of all new parameters in the AppServer Parameters guide.

Bug Fixes

WProofreader v2.2.3717

  • [WP-2984]: WProofreader: Settings tab in the dialog are not localized to other languages
  • [WP-2984]: WProofreader: Disable WProofreader in ‘Code View’ in Froala Editor v3


  • [WP-3012]: In the logs of AppServer (Main.log) there is a record ‘package version: unknown’


  • [WP-3014]: Language dictionaries: Remove ‘ddts’ word from the standard dictionary (American and British English)