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WebSpellChecker Cloud/Server 5.5.2 Release Notes


  • Grammar checking option is enabled by default for WProofreader.
  • WProofreader version has been changed to v2.2.
  • Windows Installer. Updated “Configure Service SSL Certificate” in the Windows wizard. Add a checkbox that allows the client to skip this step and use the SSL certificate installed on your Web or Java Application Server. If selected, the connection with the service will be configured via the FastGCI protocol.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2950]: WProofreader: XSS vulnerability in the Dictionary tab
    [WP-2938]: WProofreader: Lost accessibility to the badge using ‘Tab’ and ‘Enter’
    GitHub #1: [CKEditor 4] WProofreader is active in source mode highlighting HTML tags [CKEditor 4]
  • GitHub #8: [CKEditor 5] Word correction doesn’t work after list item indentation
  • GitHub #7: [CKEditor 5] Crash after correcting a word
  • GitHub #10: [CKEditor 5] Modifier keys close WProofreader balloon
  • GitHub #12: [CKEditor 5] WProofreader balloon opens while dropdown is opened
  • GitHub #14: [CKEditor 5] Correcting a word doesn’t work well with markers
  • GitHub #17: [CKEditor 5] No need for a workaround to assign the editor instance to a HTMLElement