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  • Updated UI of suggestion pop-up for all themes (standard, gray, ckeditor5). Now it’s more compact and with intuitive icons. 


  • Implemented the first version AI-based suggestions categorization by two types: spelling and grammar&other. Thus, with AI-based engines enabled there will be two types of underlines (red and green). However, for spelling-type errors there will be mixed output used from AI-based engine and standard dictionary-based spell check engine.
  • Introduced the beta version of AI-based engine for German which provides 2 times better accuracy compared to the standard dictionary and rules-based engines.
  • Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 5.1. Added and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.
  • Improved descriptions provided by the grammar engine for the English language. Removed meaningless phrases like: Did you mean? or Consider using.

AppServer & Other

  • The default number of suggestions for spelling type errors changed from 8 to 3.
  • Implemented lazy loading of language models which are required for AI-based engines during the installation process instead of packing them into the installation package. It allowed to keep the size of the package relatively small and allow customers to decide if they want to install those languages at all.
  • Added a new parameter to the languages tag that regulates priority of spell check engines over the other ones (e.g. grammar or AI-based). The parameter name is SpellCheckEnginePriority with two possible values: true and false.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3660]: Ukrainian dictionary for spell check causes memory corruption