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  • Improved paragraph-based mechanism for larger text proofreading to decrease load on a client’s browser.
  • Minor improvements to the French and Canadian French localization.
  • Enhanced Ignore functionality.


Added three new parameters to the AppServerX.xml file:

  • VerificationMode regulates the severity of a client’s SSL certificate verification process; 
  • PathToLogsDirectory sets a path to the Logs folder where system messages and errors are recorded. By default: …/Installation_path/AppServer/Logs;
  • PathToServiceFilesDirectory defines a custom path for the license.xml file.

Bug fixes

  • [GitHub #175] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4 stopped working in old IEs (IE9-IE10)
  • [WP-3522] Global custom dictionary: The last word in the list is ignored unless an extra space is added at the end of a file
  • [WP-3530] WSC Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4: Add word/Create dictionary/Ignore options stopped working in Chrome 80 and later versions