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  • WProofreader core v3.10.5196
    • Added functionality to accept autocomplete suggestions using the “Tab” key, in addition to the “Right arrow” key.
    • Introduced a boolean “cache” option to reduce requests to the backend, disabled by default. Particularly beneficial for Google Docs integration by avoiding repeated checks of already verified text. This cache resets after 24 hours.
    • Published a new NPM package – WProofreader SDK JavaScript. Simplifies integration into JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, and Angular. Includes demo samples for integrating WProofreader into popular editors (CKEditor 4, TinyMCE, Quill, Froala).
  • Autocomplete suggestions
    • Implemented filters to exclude irrelevant suggestions with inappropriate punctuation or repeated words.
  • Spelling & grammar engines
    • The AI-powered engine is enabled for the following language configurations:
      • British English (en_GB), Canadian English (en_CA) and Australian English (en_AU). The AI-powered configuration is enabled by default for all clients using the cloud service. It can’t be disabled in WProofreader SDK using the “enforceAI:false” parameter.  
      • German (de_DE) and Spanish (es_ES). The AI-powered configuration isn’t enabled by default but can be turned on by using the “enforceAI:true” parameter or “enforce_ai=true” for API requests.
      • [On-premise] English, German, Spanish AI language models will be offered to be installed during the installation if corresponding language codes are selected: “en_US”, “en_GB”, “en_CA”, “en_AU”, “es_ES”, “de_DE”. In this case, the AI-powered engine will be added to the language configuration along with the algorithmic spelling and grammar engines. But this can be updated manually in the AppServerX.xml file. 
    • Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 6.2.0. Added and improved grammar rules for the following languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Galician, Belarusian, Esperanto, Arabic, and Russian.
    • Updated the sources of the Hunspell dictionaries for the next languages:
    • Allowed rules list for grammar and style guide engines. This feature allows enabling the specific rules and rule categories, complementing the disabled rules list introduced in previous versions. To utilize this, the desired rules should be specified in the “allowedRules.json” file within the /WebSpellChecker/AppServer directory. And further enabled by setting the “UseAllowedRules” tag to “true” for a specific language in the corresponding section of the AppServerX.xml file.
  • [On-premise] Updated Windows installer
    • The Windows installer has been updated to mirror the Linux installation approach. This includes adding two steps: selecting desired languages and AI language models for installation. Language IDs, such as “en_US” for American English, need to be specified during installation. Depending on the selected languages, AI language models for enhanced text correction and assistance, available for English, German, and Spanish, are then offered as subsequent steps.
  • [On-premise] ARM architecture support (Linux)
    • A separate installation package is now available for applications on servers with ARM architecture running Linux-based OS, expanding compatibility.
    • Docker configurations and build steps have been updated to ensure proper image creation for ARM architecture servers. These updates consider the unique requirements of the environment where the image is built. For more detailed information and step-by-step guidance, refer to the updated README.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-5119] WProofreader core: Disconnecting of dictionary works incorrectly with several editable fields
  • [WP-5088] WProofreader core: “Ignore all” doesn’t work properly with several editable fields
  • [WP-4216] AI English doesn’t respect spelling ignore options
  • [WP-5105] AI engine doesn’t respect medical or legal terms
  • [WP-5150] Windows installer: “Activate license” checkbox is checked for re-installation