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  • Spelling & grammar engine
  • Service security. [Cloud] Enabled support of TLS 1.3 for all service requests.
  • WProofreader core v3.9.5107
    • Improved Google Docs integration. Added support for RTL mode and minor bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4965] WProofreader core: Pop-up menu opens in the wrong place after drag- and- drop action in Google Docs
  • [WP-5020] WProofreader core: disableOptionsStorage has no effect on options under General section
  • [WP-4954] WProofreader core: .wsc-generaloptions__list does not have global ARIA attribute [Accessibility]
  • [WP-4990] Spelling: Words “install”, ”installs” are reported as incorrect in English
  • [WP-4953] Licensing: Misleading message about license absence when it expired
  • [WP-4960] Custom dictionary: Words from the dictionary are marked as misspelled if duplicated in dialect files

Breaking changes [On-premise]

  • Application Server (AppServer)
    • AppServerX.xml configuration file: Deprecated “SpellCheck” and “GrammarCheck” parameters and introduced new ones named by engine types respectively in AppServer.X.xml. Each new engine tag contains arguments such as “Enabled”, “Priority” and “Locale”. Spell check type engines contain additional sub-tags for dictionaries and settings. Style guide functionality as well added as a separate tag to “CheckKit” with arguments such as “Enabled”, “Priority” and “Locale”.
    • Deprecated the AI-based language codes: AI-based English (en_AI), German (de_AI) and Spanish (es_AI). These language codes were made up as a temporary solution until the full adoption of the AI engines under the hood. If installed and configured properly, the enhanced text correction with the AI engine can be enabled using the special parameter: “enforceAI:true” in the WProofreader configuration or “enforce_ai=true” for API. Also, there is an option to make changes to the language configuration in the AppServerX.xml configuration file (not recommended).
    • Updated location for the external resources such as language dictionaries for Hunspell spelling engine.
    • Renamed service directory on Linux from “/var/lib/wsc” to: “/var/lib/WebSpellChecker” and on Windows respectively: “C:\ProgramData\WebSpellChecker”.
  • Updated Linux installer
    • Added two new steps: select languages and AI language models to be installed. Now IDs of the desired languages need to be specified during the installation (e.g. “en_US” for American English). The AI language models for comprehensive text correction and assistance will be offered as the next steps depending on the selected languages. The AI language models are available for English, German and Spanish.
    • Renamed the installation directory from “/opt/WSC” to “/opt/WebSpellChecker”.
    • Updated “” script mirror changes in the main installer to allow clients install additional languages on top of the ones installed initially, including AI language models.
  • Updated Docker configurations
    • Updated application installation parameters in Dockerfile:
      • “LANGUAGES_TO_INSTALL” is deprecated.
      • Added new “LANGUAGES” and “AI_MODELS” parameters that specify which languages and AI language models to be installed respectively. The models are offered for English, Spanish and German.
    • Updated the language configuration of the default Docker image.
      • Installed languages: American English, British English, Canadian and Australian English. In the Dockerfile: “LANGUAGES=en_US,en_GB,en_CA,en_AU”.
      • Installed AI language modes: English AI language model, English autocomplete model. In the Dockerfile: “AI_MODELS=1,2”.