Product options of the highest level of security for unlimited number of your company users with easy implementation in your work providing including information for the installation of your product.

Go Into Details

Make an informed choice based on the detailed comparison of the subscription plans.

Server Licenses

The server licensing is particularly suitable for companies with enhanced security requirements, since it allows all the proofreading requests to be processed within your own servers.

Whether you need enterprise-level security to proofread texts of a selected few of your highly valuable customers, or your company’s servers process more words per day, than uttered in some countries in a year – we will come up with the licensing and pricing model specifically tailored for your infrastructure and processing needs.

Please get in touch to discuss how you want your proofreading set up.

License Renewal

Have your annual license renewal done automatically or let us know how your business has changed, so that we can tune your license portfolio up to your new needs.

Cloud Subscriptions

The Cloud subscription provides you with one year of proofreading service based on the latest version of your chosen WebSpellChecker product.

Start with a plan matching your app’s current processing needs, and upgrade when you need higher volumes of texts proofread.

Cloud plans eliminate your infrastructure and maintenance costs for proofreading engine, ensuring quick start within your current setup.

Subscription Renewal

Prolong your Cloud subscription or consider a new plan, better fitting your current application’s scale.

Additional Dictionaries

WebSpellChecker products are available for 16 default and 152 additional languages.

Additional Languages

$100 /yr

Find a common language with your customers. We proofread in 152 languages in addition to 16 default ones.


Medical Dictionary

$250 /yr

Contains words related to anatomy, diseases, health care, generic and trademark drug names, and medical research.

WebSpellChecker offers legal dictionary with words related to law, jurisprudence, criminology, and law enforcement.

Legal Dictionary

$100 /yr

Contains words related to law, jurisprudence, criminology, and law enforcement.


Additional Integrations

Multi-language WebSpellChecker app for Slack is designed for developers teams all over the world.

WebSpellChecker App for Slack


Multi-language app for Slack is aimed at teams all over the world. Application finds mistakes and offers suggestions before the message is sent to the channel.

Icon of WebSpellChecker Proofreader Plugin for WordPress. It checks spelling and grammar in websites, built with WordPress 4, and the new WordPress 5.

WProofreader Plugin for WordPress (Pro)


The plugin allows you to instantly see and correct mistakes while you are typing in WordPress posts/pages editor.

Our Resellers

All of our products can be also purchased via our trusted software procurement partners.

Feel like your customers need spell- and grammar checking solutions? Contact us for information about our Reseller Program.