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American English dictionary updated!

We are happy to announce the update of US English dictionary. More than 6000 American modern words were added. Our team is regularly improving our US English dictionary to keep it up-to-date.
We make updates after analysis of your preferences. Now the words you use in everyday communication like WiFi, website, blog, internet, IP, 3D, LEGO, Playstation , wiki, podcast, mp3 are not reported as misspelled anymore. We also add some popular abbreviations SMS, PPC, SSL, ICT, RFQ and names like Sophie, Mandy, Vince, Willy, Brendon, Tracey, Jessie etc. Your name won’t be reported as misspelled now!
We also checked the dictionary for British words and removed about 200 of them. Now your spelling will be purely American!
New dictionary is available for all hosted clients and will be included in the next release of licensed version of products.

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