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Hot summer updates of WebSpellChecker software!

Hi guys!

Today, we’re excited to announce enhancements to WebSpellChecker software helping teams and companies sound more professional and communicate painlessly.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s under the hood of WebSpellChecker v5.5.9–5.6.1.

More powerful grammar engine

We’ve extended the language coverage and updated basic  grammar rules for primary and additional languages. Now you can polish content written in: Dutch, Portuguese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian and even Arabic.

Larger and better med dictionaries 

Enjoy up-to-date global and medical dictionaries extended with health-related buzzwords for specific languages (German, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese). No red lines and awkward moments any more.

Yes, and the English medical dictionary is now available for New Zealand English.

More comfy auto-detect

We’ve simplified your path to the auto-detection feature: now it’s pinned right to the top of the language list for faster access. Also, we have enhanced the tech aspect of WebSpellChecker software integration.

The updated command detect_language in WebSpellChecker developer API now is capable of identifying up to 3 languages.

Refreshed WProofreader

We’ve added the “localization language” feature to the WProofreader badge so that you don’t fuss around tweaking the general settings. Plus, we’ve made the “ignore all” feature global per page again, which makes your writing even more relaxed.  

Tell us how useful you find these changes. We’re all ears!

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