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WebSpellChecker Server 5.4.0 Release Notes


WProofreader v.1.6

  • Title of the dialog “WebSpellChecker Proofreader” is renamed to “WProofreader”.
  • Text color of spelling and grammar errors in the corrections section of the Dialog mode is changed to more contrast for accessibility purposes.
  • New API method instance.openDialog() is added for opening ‘dialog mode’ of WProofreader on action. This method will come in handy if you prefer to use only proofread in a dialog mode and call WProofreader on a custom action.
  • New API options are added:
    • disableDictionariesPreferences – If true, this parameter hides certain features of the personal user dictionaries for end users. End users won’t be able to create, rename, remove or disconnect a dictionary.
    • proofreadAsYouType – If false, this parameter disables the proofread as you type mode of WProofreader. Only proofread in a dialog mode will be available.
    • removeBranding – If true, this parameter removes branding of WProofreader. The branding includes: title of the product, about tab with the logo and copyrights. This option is available only in Cloud Custom and Server plans.
    • disableBadgePulsing – If true, this parameter disables pulsing effect of the orange badge button of WProofreader.
  • Added access to a WProofreader instance. Now you can get access to an instance of WProofreader.
	autoSearch: true,
	enableGrammar: true,
	onLoad: function(instance) {
		var element = instance.getContainerNode();
		element.instance = instance;

Language Dictionaries

  • Swedish language dictionary has been extended with over 300K new words.

SCAYT/WSC Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • SCAYT/WSC plugins for CKEditor 4 are compatible with a new version of CKEditor 4.11.3.

New License Mechanism in AppServer

  • In general the Licensing flow of a self-hosted version of WebSpellChecker on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems is simplified. With the Internet connection, the license can be activated in two steps.
  • The license activation process can be automated, and used in a silent installation mode.
  • Even though a license is still hardware-based, the license can be easily reactivated and migrated to another machine.
  • Warnings, errors and statuses about the license are more clear and self-explanatory in Logs.

Visit the updated license activation guides for more details.

Bug Fixes

WProofreader v1.6

  • [WP-2513] WProofreader for Froala Editor: Image caption is broken after Paste action with misspelled text
  • [WP-2674] WProofreader: Issue with CSS styles inside of all.css for the pulse effect. CSS styles of pulse effect is not protected.
  • [WP-2675] WProofreader: enableBadgeButton doesn’t work with the autoSearch mode
  • [WP-2706] WProofreader: Shifted markup in element in any browser on Windows OS

SCAYT/WSC Dialog Plugins for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-2497] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor & SharedSpace Plugin: Absent languages in the Languages tab
  • [WP-2348] SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: End of support of multi-language plugin of CKEditor by SCAYT
  • GitHub #166: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: Use CKEDITOR.getUrl when referencing style sheets
  • GitHub #55: WSC plugin for CKEditor 4: Use CKEDITOR.getUrl when referencing style sheets
  • GitHub #56: SCAYT/WSC plugin for CKEditor 4: Bug found in wsc.js when inside chrome extension


  • [WP-2684] WSC Installer on Windows: Installer doesn’t modify applicationHost.config if IIS version less than 7.5
  • [WP-2673] AppServer: JMV auto-detection doesn’t work properly with OpenJDK
  • [WP-2688] AppServerX.xml: Incorrect default value for IgnoreAllCapsWord