We are ready to conclude the Data Processing Addendum (DPA) with our Customers as it is required under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


You can get a copy of DPA by sending a request from our contact us page.

However, before signing a DPA with you, we will validate if there is a legal basis for entering into such an agreement. Specifically, we will ask you to clarify what type of data you are sending for checking and if it may contain any personal data. 

The primary function of our software is to conduct spelling and grammar checking of the content sent to us and not sub-processing of personal data. We are not excluding the fact that as a part of content you may send us personal data which falls under requirements of GDPR.

And as soon as the details are confirmed, and we understand that DPA should take place, we prepare a tailored version of the DPA based on the type of the personal data that you send to us.

Thus, when sending your request, please provide the details of what type of personal data you are already sending or plan send to us.

Here you can find what falls under the definition of the personal data.