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  • Added ability to select a language for checking directly from the WProofreader badge without going to settings. It can be enabled using enableLanguagesInBadgeButton option. By default, it is disabled. 
  • Restored the functionality of detecting the browser language and using it for the WProofreader interface localization. If not detected automatically, the default language for localization will be used. It defaults to American English.
  • Extended the ignore all functionality to be applied globally for a whole page instead of being limited to a single instance. After the browser’s page reload, the ignored information will be reset. 
  • Improved support and integrations with two modern rich text editors: Slate.js and Draft.
  • Added a new onStatistics callback function that allows listening to such actions made when using the app: replace a problem, ignore all problems, add a word to the dictionary, remove a word from the dictionary. Check API documentation for details.


  • Added a new medical dictionary for the Spanish language. It contains 5,201 terms. Go to the demo and on the language tab of the settings page, select Spanish.
  • Extended the French medical dictionary with new 177 terms.
  • Extended default language dictionaries with new terms as follows:
LanguageNew wordsTotal wordsDescription
French (fr_FR)2,812321,523French spelling reform
German (de_DE)1,2632,301,750Medical terms, the most popular words added to user dictionaries.
Danish (da_DK)565311,122Medical terms
Dutch (nl_NL)1,248425,411Medical terms
Italian (it_IT)3862,904,302Medical terms
Portuguese (pt_PT)1,130993,633Medical terms

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Bug Fixes

  • [WP-3391] WProofreader: WProofreader: Badge overlaps browser scrolls on Windows
  • [WP-3384] WProofreader: Broken styles and shifted underlines in the WordPress images description
  • [WP-3381] WProofreader: Long words in the problem section of the dialog mode broke the styles
  • [WP-3380] SCAYT for CKEditor 4: Additional symbols are added after misspelled word
  • [WP-3396] SCAYT for CKEditor 4: IndexSizeError in browser console when a user replace underlined word with mention from the drop list
  • [WP-3377] Disable WHITESPACE_RULE for WSC Dialog plugin for CKEditor 4
  • [WP-3385] Incorrect name is used for the German language in the UI localization