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  • Named entity recognition (NER). Implemented a new functionality for seamless identification of entities such as names, locations and organizations. This functionality ensures that named entities are correctly identified and not flagged as misspellings.
    • Available for English, Spanish, German languages and their dialects.
    • Enabled by default for English, while for Spanish and German, it’s in a disabled state.
    • [On-premise] In the on-premise package, the NER functionality is added as a separate NERModel tag with “Enabled”, “Path”, ”ProbabilityThreshold” settings inside the respective language configuration of the AppServerX.xml file. Using “Enabled” attribute the feature can be enabled or disabled.
    • [On-premise] Adding NER affects minimal hardware requirements. If any of the English, Spanish, German languages is chosen to install, an appropriate NER model will be automatically downloaded. Each NER model requires around ~350 MB.
  • Spelling & grammar engine
    • The AI-powered engine is enabled for the following language configurations:
      • American English (en_US) and New Zealand English (en_NZ). The AI-powered configuration is enabled by default for all clients using the cloud service. It can’t be disabled in WProofreader SDK using the “enforceAI:false” parameter.  
      • Mexican Spanish (es_MX). The AI-powered configuration isn’t enabled by default but can be turned on by using the “enforceAI:true” parameter or “enforce_ai=true” for API requests.
      • [On-premise] If Spanish, German and/or English AI language models are selected to install, the AI-powered engine will be added to the language configuration along with the algorithmic spelling and grammar engines. But this can be updated manually in the AppServerX.xml file. 
    • 3rd party grammar engine. Updated vulnerable versions of Jetty/Netty libraries shipped with LanguageTool package. 

Bug fixes

  • [WP-5163] WProofreader core: Misleading error message when language code is not available
  • [WP-5230] WProofreader core/Google Docs: Highlighted error are merged into one and are not divided into parts
  • [WP-5152] AI German: Post-processing adds excessive spaces in suggestions with quotes
  • [WP-5242] AI English: Post-processing provides broken suggestions for numbers with commas
  • [WP-5166] [On-premise] WProofreader SDK demos: Error when working with enforceAI if model isn’t installed
  • [WP-5195] [On-premise] Web server is not configured properly after installation
  • [WP-5193] [On-premise] Linux installer/Docker: Abort build if language files were not downloaded
  • [WP-5245] Spelling autocorrect: 400 error when American English (en_US) language is not enabled
  • [WP-5253] Autocomplete parameter is set to “true” if respective model is not installed
  • [WP-5258] [On-premise] AppServerX.xml: Incorrect left-to-right (LTR) mode is used for Urdu (ur_PK) language
  • [WP-5228] English medical dictionaries: Incorrect word ‘Helicobactor’ is present in dictionaries