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  • Language engines:
    • Updated language resources for the Hunspell spell check engine: British English, French, Indonesian, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Mexican Spanish, Danish, German, Swiss German, Bulgarian, Czech, Chilean Spanish.
    • Slovenian language code was changed from sl_SL to sl_SI. This change affected the 2nd part of the locale ID with the country code. It’s SI (Slovenia). The old language code will still work for the existing clients. However, it’s recommended to make changes in the configuration and migrate to the correct language code.
    • Prioritized grammar type suggestions if the spelling engine gives “No suggestions”. In other cases, spelling suggestions will supersede.
    • [On-premise] Updated the structure of the folders/directories with resources such as language files and additional wordlists.
  • User-level custom dictionary. Conducted a complete refactoring of user custom dictionary functionality including its HTTP API command “user_dictionary”. Its behavior and validation mechanisms now are adapted to a company-level or global custom dictionary. 
    • Input validation for newly added words and dictionary name. For example, words with special characters, punctuation marks or spaces can no longer be added to the dictionary. 
    • Updated error messages to be more precise and clear. Validated error codes returned for API responses.
    • Restricted input to a single word for addword and deleteword actions with word parameter. In upcoming releases, wordlist parameter will be added for actions with many words. 
  • WProofreader core:
    • Added UI localization for Indonesian language “id”. It can be enabled by adding the “localization: id” option to the config script.
    • Updated Spanish localization “es” for “Autocomplete suggestions” to ”Texto predictivo”.
  • Other:

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4593] Spelling: The word ”pay” is flagged as a misspelling in AmE
  • [WP-4543] Spelling: Capitalized forms of British words are present in the AmE dictionary (e.g. Colour, Fibre, Paediatric, Aesthetic)
  • [WP-4495] WProofreader core: isUserDictionaryExist method doesn’t corresponds its name
  • [WP-4564] User dictionary HTTP API: Incorrect status code when “word” isn’t deleted
  • [WP-4603] User dictionary HTTP API: Action to delete non-existent dictionary returns 200 OK
  • [WP-4539] HTTP API: Invalid encoded URI returns BAD URI syntax
  • [WP-4396] Specific words can’t be deleted using exclude functionality