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Updated WProofreader core v3.6.4736

  • Changed the badge behavior and view. By default, it starts in a small size and has a few states: orange – all is OK, no suggestions found; red – some suggestions found. On hover, users can check the exact number of alerts/suggestions detected. To return it to a large size use the option fullSizeBadge: true.
  • Implemented the 1st version of the global badge under globalBadge option name. If enabled, there will be only one global badge on the page that aggregates all the suggestions on the page instead of having separate badges for each field.  By default, it’s disabled: globalBadge: false.
  • Changed the default state of the suggestion popup view by enabling additional actions like: proofread in dialog, settings, toggle.
  • Deprecated the badge pulsation effect and related disableBadgePulsing​​ option. Also, with the introduction of the small badge, removed the mechanism with the dynamic badge-size depending on the content and the text field.
  • Learn more in the updated version of WProofreader API documentation.


Updated the sources of the Hunspell dictionaries for the next languages:


  • [On-Premise product version] HTTP API demo added to the demo samples, the same as we have in our public demos.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4384,GitHub#32] WProofreader plugin for CKEditor 5: Accessibility concerns related to WProofreader badge element
  • [WP-4388] WProofreader core: Autocorrect messes up corrected words
  • [WP-4392] Spelling: Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese don’t handle words with “ções”and “não” ending

Breaking changes

[On-premise product version] Updated Docker configuration:

  • Settings (e.g. protocol, domain, web-port, etc.) can now be changed on the container run. More details in README.
  • Application server (AppServer) logs are now linked to stdout, so they can be found in docker logs. Note that the license activation logs that are generated during image creation are stored in Logs/img_build_logs.tar.gz.
  • config.ini and configSSL.ini were removed, all build parameters are now ARGs in the Dockerfile and also can be set as ENV variables.