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WProofreader v3.3.4562

  • Autocorrect as you type functionality (beta):
    • Enabled by default using new API option autocorrect;
    • Available for all supported languages except Japanese and Chinese;
    • Algorithm behind autocorrect is relying on a similarity score (Levenshtein distance) and as a source uses the aggregated statistics of user replaces bundled with the standard spell check operation. If conditions are not met, the autoreplace won’t happen.
    • End users have an option to revert/undo the correction by hovering on it and selecting the original word. The autocorrected word will be underlined with a gray dotted line. Undo action is remembered during the browser session until the page is reloaded.
    • In case of auto detected language, autocorrect uses the last detected language as a language for autocorrect check. More details about autocorrect feature are available here.
  • Updated UI localization for the Dutch language based on the feedback from one of our clients.

Find out more about all available customization options for WProofreader in API documentation.

SCAYT & WSC plugins for CKEditor 4

  • Default configuration of the plugins switched to HTTPS for both service requests and when loading web resources.


  • Implemented a new API command for autocorrect feature.

Security improvements

  • Application builds for Windows-based operating systems re-signed with a fresh code signing certificate. It gives an additional warranty for our customers that our software can be trusted, and it doesn’t come from a malicious hacker. 


  • Improved configuration and deployment procedure of the WebSpellChecker Server using Docker. Added the option to build and run Docker containers from a specific user and group (including the host user), as well as changed default exposed ports for the container. Check for more details in the README here. This is especially useful for those clients who are using the containerization software such as OpenShift on Kubernetes.

Breaking changes

  • In scope of the security improvements, the following major breaking changes are introduced for the Cloud version of the WebSpellChecker products. 
    • The service entrypoint access is restricted to HTTPS only. The requests using HTTP connection will be redirected to HTTPS. In most cases it will lead to the CORS policy error. Refer to the troubleshooting article: CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.
    • The access to the service via HTTPS which are using deprecated versions of a cryptographic protocol TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 is also restricted. Such requests will be blocked. Only modern versions of TLS are accepted (TLS 1.2 and higher). 
  • Upon changing the licensing model for the server solution and getting rid of the hardware-based licensing, the floating licensing has been deprecated. Thus, a bunch of parameters such as enable_floating_licensing, floating_license_server etc. involved in the setup of the floating licensing are no longer supported and have no effect.

Introduction of a reverse proxy server that can be configured on top of a web server or Java application server allows our customers to avoid the configuration of SSL connection directly for application server (AppServer) / licensing server or exposing 2880 port.