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Announcement: Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese is not available in Free version

The WebSpellChecker team would like to draw your attention to the important announcement related to the languages support in the Free version of SCAYT/WSC services.

For quite a long time the Free SCAYT/WSC services have been provided with the full features set with almost no difference in comparison to the Paid services.

Now WebSpellChecker is forced to inform you that due to technical and business related reasons, the Portuguese languages are no longer supported and provided in the Free version of SCAYT/WSC services. The full list of languages, as well as the additional features and support, are available as a part of the Paid services.

Thus, we advise you to consider the migration to the paid services. We have extended the range of pricing plans for Cloud services which are aimed at businesses of different sizes and designed specially to address your needs and requirements.

For more details please reach us at Our team will be happy to help and provide you with the additional information.

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