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Keywords as a Tool for Dictionary Improvement


Dictionary of every language is not permanent and new words enrich our lexicon constantly. Take a look at the picture. Most of these words are familiar for you, aren’t they? We use these words on a daily basis, though most of them are not listed in e.g. Logman English Dictionary Online. These words are new computer terms, names of extensively used applications, popular companies, actors and singers, computer games, etc. Do you consider these words as misspelled? We suppose most of you do not and that’s why we do not want to annoy users of the application by marking these words as misspelled. We continuously work on the improvement of the product and improvement of the dictionary is a part of it.

One of the possible ways to improve English dictionary is to enrich it by top-keywords. Keywords are aimed to capture the essence of a topic. Keywords are words which are used by searchers in search engines. That’s why we decided to add a list of processed and reviewed keywords to English dictionary used in the application for spell-checking.

In order to get a list of top- keywords, a brief investigation was performed.
1. Free Keywords Reports
Advantages:  Free.
Disadvantages:  Small number of keywords – free reports contain 100-500 top key words.  Keywords in all reports are overlapped.
2. Tools to get Keywords (such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker’s Free Tool and others).
Advantages:  Free. A possibility to search keywords related to the certain word, term, content of the web site, etc.
Disadvantages: You can get keywords only related to the certain term, entered to the search box. It doesn’t meet our goal to create a list of the top used keywords.

3. Keyword Reports
Advantages: A list of 10,000 top keywords at once.

Comparing to the time spent on collecting keywords – a price to buy the report is acceptable. Person is not able to create such big report manually using free tools and it will not contain all top keywords. That’s why we decided to buy a top-keyword list and the most attractive report to buy after an investigation occurred the Top 10,000 keywords report from Wordtracker for $69.00.

We purchased top 10,000 keywords, spell checked them with the application and then reviewed the list of misspelled words and decided which should be added to our dictionary.

English dictionary for both Hosted and Licensed versions are enriched with top-keywords. Enriched dictionary is available for all hosted clients and licnensed clients by default. Existing licensed clients should upgrade to the newest version of the application to have an improved English dictionary.

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