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WProofreader v2.4

  • Improved the overall performance of WProofreader at least by 3 times including the visual mechanism responsible for highlighting problems as a user is typing in rich text editors. 
  • Improved the highlighting mechanism in the textarea elements, the delay between checks decreased from 2s to 500ms.
  • Added a new theme option to change the default style theme of WProofreader. The available theme options: default, gray, custom. The custom theme allows modifying the default theme using CSS styles. For details, refer to the how-to guides how to tailor the theme to fit your needs for the Cloud and Server versions accordingly.
  • Introduced new callback functions onAddWordToUserDictionary and onDeleteWordFromUserDictionary to track when a word is added or removed from a personal user dictionary. 
  • Added an extra callback function onCommitOptions that allows monitoring the changes in the spellcheck ignore options and a selected language.
  • Initialization using auto-search (autoSearch:true) will respect spellcheck=”false” attribute in HTML textarea and input elements and won’t be started at all. However, this won’t be applied to the rich text editors.
  • Added a separate data-wsc=”false” attribute that will instruct auto-search functionality not to start in the element that has such an attribute. This attribute won’t be taken into consideration if the application is started manually using init() method.
  • Extended the ignore elements list with code and pre elements that will be ignored during the check.


  • Added a language auto-detection functionality that supports over 80 languages based on the CLD2 library. It is available as an option Auto Detect on the language list. This option will come in handy for those who are working with multilingual content as they no longer need to switch between languages. It can be set as a default language for all users, the language code is auto.
  • The American English dictionary was enlarged with 65 new words which were the most added words to the user dictionaries. Some of them are: cybersecurity, blockchain, Pinterest, Reddit, telework.
  • The hottest discussed topic and the most popular words added to the dictionaries were the words related to the coronavirus pandemic and healthcare. We’ve added coronavirus, COVID-19, сoronaviruses to the American English, British and Canadian English dictionaries. The rest healthcare and medical related terms are already present in our specialized medical dictionary.


  • A single API request is limited to 50KB of text which is around 50K characters including spaces. The maximum size of the request can be extended in the Server version using a special parameter. Longer requests will be rejected and not processed. To overcome this, the request should be divided into smaller parts.
  • A new command detect_language added for detecting a language of given text. For details, refer to the guides for the Cloud and Server versions accordingly.


  • Added a new parameter MaxApiRequestSize to regulate the size of the maximum allowed API request that will be processed by AppServer. 
  • Updated POCO lib to the latest major release 1.10.1.

Supported Deployments

  • Published a new Docker image with the Server version of WebSpellChecker/WProofreader with the SSL support. Now there are two prebuilt images with WebSpellChecker/WProofreader available on Docker Hub. You may find more information on that and how to create your custom image using Dockerfile in the updated guide Installing WebSpellChecker Server using Docker and in our GitHub repo

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3274] WProofreader: Suggestion popup has wrong height in Draft.js editor.