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WebSpellChecker Server/Cloud 5.5.5 Release Notes


WProofreader v2.3

1. This version brings major user interface updates for WProofreader based on the user feedback that we collected:

  • Both WProofreader dialog and the badge have more contrast colors for all elements, including the icons and the color of the text being checked.
  • When using keyboard navigation to move around WProofreader dialog, badge, and Settings dialog, you can benefit from the addition highlighting of the elements currently in focus.
  • We have extended and simplified each view of the Settings sections, including Languages, Options, and Dictionaries.
  • Pop-up notifications on the changes made in the Settings sections now appear at the bottom of the dialog to avoid overlapping of the top section of WProofreader dialog.
  • Improved experience and working with dictionaries allowing even easier to disconnect the dictionaries which may be no longer required and connect them any time later. 
  • When proofreading in a dialog mode now, users see only one discovered problem and suggestions to it at a time allowing easier navigation and better user experience in text proofreading.

For details, refer to the updated version of WProofreader User guide for the Server and Cloud.

2. Improvements in accessibility and navigation. We have revised and updated the already existing navigation when using a keyboard only:

  • The keyboard combinations are now simplified.
  • We have introduced Space as one more key to confirm your actions or changes made in addition to the Enter key which could be used before.
  • User interface response is now better as the highlighting of the selected element is more precise and contrasting with the rest of the UI.
  • You can navigate between the discovered problems and their suggestions using either left and right arrow keys when proofreading in WProofreader dialog.

For details, refer to the updated version of WProofreader keyboard navigation guide for the Server and Cloud versions.

User Guides

We have updated our previous versions of WProofreader user guide and keyboard navigation with a new version to describe the most recent interface changes and keyboard accessibility improvements.


  • POCO C++ library has been- updated to v1.10.0.

Supported Deployments

The Server version of WebSpellChecker/WProofreader is available as a Docker image on Docker Hub. You may find more information on that in a new guide Installing WebSpellChecker Server using Docker and in our GitHub repo.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3124] WProofreader: Virtual markup with underlined problems shifts if to open an editor in a full screen
  • [WP-3127] WProofreader: Memory leaks in Internet Explorer 11 and MS Edge
  • [WP-3135] WProofreader: The grammar problem description tooltip is not capitalized
  • [WP-3129] WProofreader: Incorrect color of the number of errors in the badge when integrated into TinyMCE 4 (black instead of white)
  • [WP-3145] WProofreader: Bootstrap label type overwrites dialog settings and languages list labels style
  • [WP-3146] WProofreader: Foundation CSS styles breaks checkboxes alignment on the Options tab


  • [WP-3138]: AppServer: Сonstant AppServerX.xml warning message due to the default CacheSavePath ‘none’ value
  • [WP-3120]: AppServer: Some SSL certificates failed to load from Windows Certificate Store to enable SSL connection with AppServer