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WebSpellChecker Server 5.5.0 Release Notes


  • WebSpellChecker Server installation is compatible with Windows Server 2019 and Ubuntu 19.04.
  • Updated the version of the grammar engine, LanguageTool to 4.6 as for June 26, 2019.
  • The Ukrainian language is added to the list of default languages and shipped with the standard package. Both spelling and grammar checking is available for Ukrainian. Check the demo with Ukrainian here.
  • The name of JavaEE servlet is changed from ‘spellcheck.war’ to ‘wscservice.war’.


Updated Windows and Linux installation wizards. The following steps and changes are introduced:

  • Step with the Components selection is replaced with the Products selection. 
  • Step to specify the protocol selection (HTTP or HTTP).
  • Step to specify the path to the SSL certificate and SSL password if SSL connection is selected.
  • Step to confirm the port that will be used to communicate with AppServer service (by default: 2880 port).
  • Step to verify if the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is detected for the grammar engine self-check. If the JVM is not detected automatically, the installer will send a notification that the JVM is not found and ask to provide a path.
  • All the confirmation messages are redone to be consistent in the Linux wizard, e.g. Enter ‘y’ or ‘n’. [y]:
  • Default virtual directory for the WebSpellChecker service is changed from ‘spellcheck’ to ‘wscservice’.
  • Improved and clarified text messages in the Linux wizard.
  • Removed ‘wscservice.war’ from the installation procedure if the connection is configured directly with AppServer (not via FastCGI protocol using SSRV.CGI component).

Refer to the up-to-date setup guides for WebSpellChecker Server on Windows and Linux-based environments.


The following guidelines have been updated and added:

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2879]: AppServerX.xml: Duplicated EnableUserDictServer in the AppServerX.xml file


  • [WP-2831]: WProofreader: After pressing ‘Ctrl+Z’ problem markup is not refreshed
  • [WP-2881]: WProofreader: Incorrect problem markup for CKEditor 5 with multi-cursor