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WebSpellChecker Server 4.9.4 Release Notes


  • Dictionary Updates:
    • Dutch: 108,749 new words
    • English (Canadian): 20,857 new words
    • Italian: 2,620,398 new words
    • Swedish: 420,572 new words
  • WebSpellChecker Dialog UI: Improved localization for the Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese languages
  • SCAYT Core: Minor updates in behavior of the spelling and grammar detection mechanism when underlining incorrect words or phrases (markup mechanism)
  • SCAYT plugins for CKEditor and TinyMCE: The default number of suggested words on the context menu is set to “3”. The rest suggestions are available from “More” section.
  • WebSpellChecker Server Installation on Linux: The installation steps are clarified and simplified.

Bug Fixes:

  • [WP-295]: SCAYT and WSC plugin for CKEditor: Error in the browser console: “Uncaught TypeError”
  • [WP-1000]: WSC for Editable Controls: User Dictionary name is changed on click “Create/Delete/Restore”
  • [WP-1183] SCAYT for Editable Controls: Cursor jumps after “Cut” command inside a misspelled word
  • [WP-1184]: SCAYT for Editable Controls: SCAYT markup is not refreshed after “Cut” command from the browser menu
  • [WP-1288]: WSC plugin for CKEditor: The User Dictionary can’t be created. Error “You already have the dictionary”
  • [WP-1291]: SCAYT for Editable Controls: Drag and drop from CKEditor instance to a HTML editable control cause an error
  • [WP-1295]: SCAYT for Froala Editor: “Ignore all” command doesn’t work on Grammar problem hover.
  • [WP-1375]: SCAYT for Editable Controls: SCAYT sends spell check empty requests without any text
  • GitHub #90: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: Selection is lost on link creation if SCAYT highlights the word
  • [WP-1391]: Access-Control-Allow-Origin:* header is set twice and case an error in the browser console.