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WebSpellChecker Server 4.8.3 Release Notes


  • Windows and Linux installators updates
  • Security updates
  • Logging and debugging updates
  • AppServer: AppServer could be run from a non-privileged user on Linux-based environments
  • WSC plugin for CKEditor: Added a new parameter “wsc_interfaceLang”. Find more here
  • SProxy.php component updates
  • Grammar support for Linux-based environments
    Dictionaries updates

Bug Fixes:

  • GitHub #121: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: SCAYT affects Bold/Italic/Strike
  • GitHub #110:  SCAYT Core: Warning thrown while enabling SCAYT (Rangy lib)
  • SCAYT Core: Focus jumping after SCAYT load
  • SCAYT Core: CKEditor 4: JS error on double clicking of the empty editor
  • AppServer: CompileCustDictCommand is not interrupted if there is an error until execution