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  • Added support of many dictionaries for a single language in the additional language group. This can come in handy if there is a need to have a bilingual or multilingual spell checker. Previously, it was available only for the default group of languages.
  • The Arabic language dictionary has been extended with around 500 words. These are the most popular words that were flagged as correct ones.

Spelling check

  • The quality of spelling check has been improved for the Cloud services by prioritizing suggestions based on the aggregated statistical data received from the prior use of the services. 

Supported deployments


  • The size of a single user dictionary is limited to 50KB (around 10K words). This functionality is designed for end users and not supposed to be used as a global dictionary for the whole organization. Instead, it is suggested to use the global custom dictionaries. Having large user dictionaries may lead to performance degradation.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3407] Grammar engine: Disabled the grammar rule that suggested that using both -z and -s ending are possible in British English (e.g. realized)
  • [WP-3437] Grammar engine: Eliminated recursive suggestion of the same correction asking not to put space before a full stop 
  • [WP-3419] WProofreader: Tooltip for a language selector in the badge is missing