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  • Turned on the spelling check option ignoreWordsWithNumbers that during check ignores words with numbers (e.g. 1st, 2nd, etc.). This change was dictated by user feedback reflected on the statistics of the most popular words added to dictionaries. 
  • The Auto Detect option that auto-defines a language based on the user input is pinned to the top of the language list for faster access and convenience.

Grammar Engine

  • The 3rd party grammar engine, LanguageTool, has been upgraded to v4.9. As a part of this upgrade new and improved grammar rules for the next languages have been added: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian and small improvements for Russian. Moreover, the basic support of grammar checking is enabled for the Arabic language.


Enlarged the English medical dictionaries with new terms:

  • The medical dictionary for American English has been extended to 204,932 words (12,665 new terms).
  • The medical dictionary for British, Canadian, Australian English has been extended to 157,743 words (17,227 new terms).

Licensing Mechanism

  • Improved the mechanism of licensing for the Server version. Now there will be a set of attempts to reactivate a license automatically that is about to expire (7 days, 1 day, 1 hour and 10 minutes before expiration). All the attempts and their statuses will be recorded in the log files.
  • Added a separate parameter AutoLicenseReactivation in AppServerX.xml that allows disabling the attempts to reactivate a license automatically. It may come in handy if a server doesn’t have access to the Internet and manual license activation is a preferable option.


The API command detect_language that detects a language has been improved:

  • Now it can detect up to 3 languages in the given piece of text.
  • It returns a full name, short code and the proportion ratio of the detected language in the text.

Refer to the Detect language command for Cloud and Server versions accordingly.

Supported Deployments

Published the latest Docker images of WebSpellChecker/WProofreader on Docker Hub.


  • Added a set of additional parameters that enable the use of the floating licensing with the automated silent install on Linux-based environments.
  • Enabled the extended description for errors that might appear during installation (e.g. appcmd.exe returned code 3: [problem description]).
  • Updated the Windows and Linux-based installers on the step with specification of the AppServer port number, additional explanation messages are added to explain which ports can be used. 


  • Minor changes in the demo samples that are shipped with the Server package.
    • Updated CDN versions of CKEditor 4, Froala Editor and TinyMCE 4.
    • Corrected instructions for the path of SCAYT plugin (from ckscayt.js to wscbundle.js).
  • Improved the error descriptions from the WebSpellChecker backend. Now information about failed requests can be found in the browser console.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-3334] WProofreader: Clicking on ‘More Misc’ icon of Froala increases the number of errors shown on the badge
  • [WP-3335] WProofreader: Switching to ‘Code View’ of Froala increases the number of errors shown on the badge by 2-times