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WebSpellChecker Cloud Release Notes


  • [WP-2868]: Improved performance. Changed the default requestSentencesCount and requestWordsCount values to 10 and 100 accordingly. The maximum number of sentences per request has been increased to 10 and number of words per request changed from 10 to 100.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-2829]: WProofreader: Problem underline is cut off by area of checking
  • [WP-2832]: WProofreader: Drag&drop doesn’t remove existing problems underlining 
  • [WP-2833]: Incomplete hover of the spelling problem of several words separated by a line break
  • [WP-2872]: WProofreader: Problem markup appears in wrong position in <textarea>
  • [WP-2288]: WProofreader: ‘Finish checking’ button is blocking the main functionality of ‘Proofread in a dialog’ mode
  • [WP-2837]: WProofreader: Sections separation lines on the Dictionary tab are missing in Internet Explorer