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  • WProofreader core v3.15.5524
    • Added an experimental “checkInNonEditableElements” option that enables text checking in non-editable elements. It can only be used with the ‘init’ and ‘autoCreate’ initialization methods (it doesn’t work with ‘autoSearch’). Disabled by default. More information and other options are available here.
    • Disabled checking in code and formula blocks of Quill WYSIWYG editor.
    • [On-premise] Removed “Report incorrect” action if the database isn’t configured.
    • AI writing assistant. Improved text formatting in suggested completions by adding new lines for readability.
    • Updated WProofreader SDK JavaScript NPM package with basic TypeScript support. The package includes the type definition file (.d.ts) for the WProofreader core methods and additional NPM package methods, covering initialization, configuration, and instance management.
  • Spelling engine. Extended English spelling dictionaries with 21 correct words previously unrecognized by the spelling engine and terms reported by clients (e.g., redshift, nuclease).
  • Other
    • WProofreader Helm Chart. Updated to version 1.0.0, including enhanced README documentation on recommended resources, limits, and scaling for Kubernetes pods. Learn more about the updates.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-5741] Spelling: Word “testin” isn’t recognized as a misspelling in American English (en_US) and Canadian English (en_CA)
  • [WP-5662] WProofreader core / AI writing assistant. User text selection is lost after opening assistant dialog [Gmail]